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Sunday, October 2, 2011


I didnt realize it had been so long since I posted......SORRY! Gesh, the whole summer I didnt post anything!

Well I just had to share the most awesome news of the day............


Monday, May 30, 2011

Today we want to take a moment to remember all those who have fought for our FREEDOM and the families that were left behind. Today we are free to do what ever we want, we have the right to read our bibles, to share about JESUS and so much is ALL BECAUSE of the men and women who gave their lives to allow us to be FREE. So today while you are out at the lake, laying by the pool, enjoying your cook outs, say a prayer for the families left behind, thank a friend for their military service....thank the LORD for ALL HE DOES FOR YOU!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello All.

I went to Eclectic today to help in any way I could for the tornado support. At the Warehouse down town and I visited First Baptist church as well. I wanted to know what the greatest need was and how my family could help. WE took alot of supplies and want to take more. I would like to open it up to our local church and any of your friends you want to share the info with.

At the warehouse downtown they are in need of:
NEW socks for men and woman,
mops, brooms,
hand sanitizer,
clorox wipes, and any other cleaning type needs,
towels and BED PILLOWS. She said people are asking for NEW pillows.

At the First Baptist Church they are in need of:
non perishable foods
can meat like chicken, spam, vienna sausage
individual bags of chips, cookies, crackers
little debbie cakes
individual applesauce
Diapers and pullups
cereal bars and or energy type bars
toilet paper, and paper towels

She said that everyday they make lunch sacks and take them out to workers...about 150-200 bags each day. Inside they include: TWO sandwiches, 3 little debbie cakes, 1-2 packs of crackers, a banana, applesauce pack if they have it and two cold water bottles. This sounds like alot but when you are out there working for 8-12 hours you want energy and to have something to snack on when you are hungry. She said bananas are something they all ask for.

I know this list is long but we as a whole CAN HELP! With the economic times it is tough right now, but the Lord continues to bless us and supplies all our riches...we as a body can help be Christ hands and BLESS someone as we do it. SO, if you can come together with me, lets show the people of Eclectic, we care!

I will take another load on Tues of next week and will even another load the following week if there is more donations. Anyone want to come along and see the blessing at the church and warehouse, just let me know.

Oh and at the church they cook hot meals on the weekends for the volunteers and residents. This Saturday as you have heard is going to be a huge community work day. They are looking at feeding over 400-600 people. If you want your socks blessed off, show on God's GRACE

Love you all,

Saturday, April 30, 2011

On Friday Giovanna and Gabby went to the new Intermediate school on a tour for THIRD grade!!! Can you believe it???? I cant believe that my two. I mean three girls will be in third grade next year.....Both of Giovanna and Gabby enjoyed us being there and seeing the new school. When we got home, William took out the convertible and we went on a afternoon date together.....lunch at Tokyo which was so yummy and a nice ride in the car on a beautiful day. It is so nice to spend the day with my man!

After church on Easter Sunday we took the girls to Bass Pro shop to see the Easter Bunny. They loved it.

As many of you know we live in Alabama and were buckled down for the awful tornado that ripped through the state. We were all in the laundry room as the siren's were going off. I was a nervous wreck. The week previously we had another horrible storm/tornado that hit just 10 miles NW of us. Not good! It demolished a church and killed three people...friends of a friend of mine. Just horrible. William was out of town for that storm, but thankfully he WAS here for this last one. All of us, including lyndsey were in the laundry room/bathroom. We were listening to the news and following along with our laptop. When the siren's kept going off, and they were telling our area to take cover, I was just a mess! I am so sad to say that it totally destroyed the town just past us, this time to the NE of us about 12 miles. So many dead. So many friends of friends of ours....gone! Homes gone, family heirlooms gone, lives lost! Tuscaloosa was also hit so terribly hard, along with Birmingham and Culman. I just cry for all the lives lost! Terribly lost and such a horrible devestation. A young girl from our town had moved to T-town to start college in the fall...she and her room mate were sucked out of their apartment and killed. She was on the phone with her mom, while her mom watched the news coverage and telling her daughter to take cover.....while on the phone, Loryn told her mom she was so terribly scared, all the while her mom said I love you , it will be ok....and when the phone went silent, she knew at that moment her daughter was gone. Gone to heaven and no longer where her mom could hold her. Lyndsey, our daughter knew loryn...alot of folks around town knew her....everyone is so sad.... Please pray for the Brown and Mims family as they are mourning the loss of their daughters, and all the many friends of theirs.

We are all safe, no damage at all to our home and now we stand together as a community to see what and how we can help others, rebuild and get some kind of normalcy to their lives....

Im so glad Im alive and can type this....after seeing this video and watching the news, you can really see just how much this horrible storm, changed the lives of people in ALABAMA forever!

If you click on the words underlined they are links to take you to the video's or stories to what Im talking about.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

William has been gone the last two and half weeks. I am so over being a single parent already!!!! He will be home on the 22nd and then will leave again the first week of May for another week. GESH! He is in Denver currently and seems to be enjoying his time there...skying, nice restaurants, nightly drinks with friends, casino time etc.... can you tell im just alittle jealous?????? Of course he is going to conferences and hanging with work peeps.

I have been doing projects around the house to keep me busy so that does help!

The girls are doing great, growing, getting even more sassy and excited to see their big SISTER LYNDSEY! She will be home in a week... we are so excited to see her...

Have a blessed day everyone

Thursday, April 14, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST husband in the world! I love you William to the moon and back! I sure wish we could be with you today on your special day!

He is currently in Denver for a work conference, so we arent able to surround him with BIRTHDAY fun/wishes Andrews style

We called Daddy early this morning before the girls got on the bus, so it was 6:30 our time 5:30 his time...Good morning Baby!!!!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today, SIX years ago William and I were at Spence- Chapin in NYC awaiting the arrival of our new baby girl....ISABELLA FAITH! We were so excited for the day to finally arrive. We had no clue what our girl would look like until about 18 hours before we arrived.....and boy was she just a precious little porcelain doll. She was perfect!!!

She has brought us so many laughs over the last six years..we are so honored to be chosen by GOD to be her parents forever! Bella you were a answered prayer!

I love you forever,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 25th was the mark of TWENTY TWO YEARS that I have spent married to my best friend! On this date in 1989, I was a nervous wreck....I was about to walk down that "short isle" in the store front new church and marry the guy God had created just for me! My life had been such a crazy whirlwind the past few years with moving from south FL to northwest FL and leaving my high school behind....Well God sure did have a plan for me! I would meet my future husband in the 11th grade, while we both worked at Hardees, the only fast food restaurant in town....and marry him when we both graduated high school.....WOW what a wonderful surprise.


Our spring break 2011....spending a day at the zoo

Two peas in a pod! Gabby and Giovanna and of course the groovy girls! If you see one of the girls, the other isnt far behind! They sure do love each other! This is exactly what we prayed for when adopting the girls, that they would always have a best friend-sister by their side, when they grew up....Lyndsey and michael and Lily, would by far pass them up....but they would ALWAYS have a sister going through the same thing as them!!! Thank you Jesus for the miracle of adoption!

Bella loving the train ride...I think this is one of her favorite things to do!

During spring break, I took the girls to the we are! Lily enjoying the train ride.

Good morning all!!!!

Sorry it's been a few weeks since I wrote. Life is good right now...the girls are doing great in school, spring break is over so the down hill race to the end of the school year is on!

Construction is STILL going on in the back yard...the new garage and storage shed are still going up...they are finishing with the vinyl hopefully today (if it doesnt rain again) and then the garage door...laying the new sod is the last thing they will do. Im ready for this to be done...Monday started the third week. I dont think I would have the patience to ever build a house from start to finish! I guess that's why the Lord blessed us with our new fantastic home....nothing to build!

Gee has her travel dates home...June 4th. Boo hoo we are going to miss having her around! The girls love her! and well so do we!!!

Lyndsey has her R & R travel dates home from Iraq!!!!!!!! She leaves Iraq around April around the 20th and gets home around the 24th and leaves somewhere around the 14-15th. She is trying to cram alot into her time home, but we will enjoy as much as we can get. It will be so nice to have her in OUR home out of harms way!!!! WE are not telling the girls she is coming until she arrives home...they will drive us crazy waiting on the day! This will be a great surprise!

Michael will be in California doing his Army Reserve training, getting ready for a possible deployment! Oh this is going to be hard if he too goes! My Momma heart is going to go CRAZY!

Sorry its short, but I must get to the grocery store before the rain comes in.....

Blessings and happiness for your day!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Groovy girl books/dolls

I know I have mentioned this before but I must do it again........

Our girls are IN LOVE with these toys! Giovanna will not go anywhere without her "Vanessa" and it is just so sweet. I discovered these little dolls about a year or so ago and they have been the best thing ever! They are soft, almost like a infant soft baby doll, cute and stylish for the older girls and each have a cute "personality" that is fun and appealing to the girls. You can purchase different clothes for them, cars, scooters, animals you name it...They are very cute, but so hard to find!

Giovanna and Gabby are turning NINE in May and I think we are going to have a Groovy Girl party! But I am in need of some more Groovy Girls and different accessories. I thought that giving each girl that comes to the party a Groovy Girl would be a perfect and practical thank you gift....and even better, we can spread the "joy" that these little dolls bring to our girls each and every day. If you come across any of these dolls, books, or any of the accessories please let me know!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

WEll today we are hosting a get together for the ETC Exchange students at our house. There will be 14 students from our town and about 10 adults....this should be fun!!! Im so bummed out because when we planned this we had planned on grilling out, making smores and doing some games as well all outside on a gorgeous day....and well now...we are all inside!

Thanks to God for blessing us with our new home that does have room, but now Im trying to get board games together for us to play. All the kids are excited about the get together so either way, no matter what we do, Im sure they will all enjoy! In June we will be loosing Gee, she will return home to South Korea....we will so miss her. She has been a joy to get to know and we pray one day that our paths will cross again.

I will post pictures later this weekend of all our students. If you have any ideas of things to do ...send me a comment so I can have some more good ideas...

Have a blessed day.