Come along and follow our journey of being what we think is Normal..... just a average family, following God's calling and a life blessed with Down Syndrome

Monday, August 30, 2010

This morning before 6:30 I had: 4 kids up and dressed, 4 girlies fed, 4 lunches made, 4 backpacks ready,4 mouths brushed, 4 faces washed, 8 shoes on, 4 heads brushed and one tired momma. Bring it on MONDAY! Thank you Jesus for the ability to do for my family!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

sorry I havent posted in over a month! Life has just been crazy. The girls strted back to school and love it. We have had William's sister here with us for a few months now and its been nice seeing her again. She is currently back in FL visiting her family....we hope she will return soon.

Lyndsey will be home Sept 4th for a about a week and then will go to FL. She will be deploying to Aphganistan in OCT so please keep her and our family in your prayers...This Momma is sick at the thought!

I have been having some pain in in my head and neck and have had tests run, blood, CT scan and far nothing, but they are insisting I do a CT with contrast to do further in depth. Today I have woke up with some pretty nasty I think Im gonna go for it....Ive put it off a week, hoping that it would get better...but no such luck so far.

Lily is so excited for her birthday...Sept 9 she will turn 7 and she is THRILLED...and then on Sept 29 the twins will be TWENTY ONE 21....i cant believe it!!!

Gotta run, but I promise to upload some pics soon...