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Friday, November 5, 2010

Want to change the life of a little child??? What better way than to visit Reece's Rainbow and look at the 2010 Angel Tree....I will post more on this later.

Enjoy all the beautiful faces!

I know I haven't posted in a long time.....excuses.....excuses! Facebook makes it so easy to do updates and upload pictures that I just forget to come and do it here....I am once again so sorry!

I would love to draw your attention to this little family in Romania. Please read this and see what you can do. Go through your childs toys, visit the dollar tree, send a few bucks, whatever you can do but most importantly PRAY for them! Pray that they are able to continue this HARD fight in a country where there is no acceptance for thier sweet little man.

I have a PLEA!!!The other night I got a phone call from a military friend stationed in Romania. His daughter's teacher has a 5yr old son with Down Syndrome. The medical staff, therapist, schools all are rejecting giving him any service! This just BREAKS my heart! They are UNABLE to get any therapy type toys, items etc..

    • My friend is coming to the states in a week and can take back anything we can give her! If you are willing to help either with mailing me used or new items, or donate money for me to pick things up here...please contact me! I am just heartbroken that a child with Down syndrome is shunned by society....but thats our mission at Reece's help raise awareness and encourage families to keep their children and then to help provide any "learning-therapy" item we can....its not that the parents dont "want" their child...its that society will not accept them...wont you "PLEASE" help me, help this family!!!!
IF any of you can help with anything that would be wonderful! I was in contact with the Mom today and she told me they are able to "BRIBE" the Dr's into seeing her son...but money is tight! PLEASE lift this family and many others like them up in prayer. This is one family we are able to help, if we all come together we can show them that we CARE! He is a fun loving little almost 5yr old who just wants what everyone else wants.......ACCEPTANCE!

If you want to mail anything such as NEW OR USED puzzles, therapy items, money, etc please contact me asap AT RLBA272@HOTMAIL.COM . I have alittle over one week to get this Box together for thme! His name is Andrei and he will be turning 5 soon.

Thanks so much for reading this and for those of you who are willing to stand with me and show them we do care I appreciate it more than you know....and I know this family will be forever grateful! We can just run to the dollar tree and pick things up here....the convience of helping our kids learn, well in other countries they just cant do that!