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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sorry its been so long since i have posted but here is the SHORT version and I will post more later...

Isabella started getting sick while we were in FL for my family Christmas on 12/20.... we took her to the Dr and they said she had a ear infection...well she ended up in the ER over the weekend and she had double pneumonia.... NO fun but praise God for good medicine...she is on the mend...

Fast forward to Sunday night, Lily and Giovanna start coughing and running fever...They both woke up Monday (today) running fever and not feeling good so off we go to the urgent care (the base was out of appointments...URG) we went. They did chest xray and the Dr comes back in and says "So you have a child at home with pneumonia? HUH" YES we do....his reply was....well now you have 3 girls with it and probably a 4th. So now all the girls are on a heavy antibotic and are still running a low grade temp....AND to top it off, I am still sick with a upper respitory infection, so mom will be at the Doc's tomorrow.

PLEASE say a prayer for my house, for the sickness to quickly pass.......GIOVANNA, once she gets pneumonia, goes down hill fast....

So our end of 2008 hasnt been that great!!! Hopefully 2009 starts out better!!

I will update pictures soon!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is late in the evening of Christmas Day but I waanted to wish all of you a very MERRY CHRISTmas day....

Today was our Christmas Eve, as my son will be home we will have our family Christmas in the morning. It will be the FIRST year EVER that we will have William's sister and brother and his wife here with us for Christmas...Wish everyone else could have joined us as well. The girls are excited and are awaiting to see what Santa and Mommy and Daddy brought them. We talked today alot about Jesus's birth and that it was His special day. We made a cake too.

Isabella has been VERY sick. Last night we just about took her to the ER...her fever was 104.8...we rushed her to a tub filled with ICE water and gave her lots of juice...she was NOT happy! I told William that they would do more ice at the ER. Her fever did come down to 100.8 but never any lower all day. Tonight it is back up to 101.5 and we have been alternating tylenol and motrin every 4 hours. We took her to the Dr on Monday and they said she had a virus and an ear infection....she is on a Z pack....if she isnt better by Sat we will be off to the ER for SURE! Please pray for my sweet Bella...she is miserable!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I will share tomorrow how this all came about...but I wanted to get these pictures up for all to see...

Question from a bloggie friend:

What are the ornaments you are working on??

Go to Reece's Rainbow at and visit the angel tree! What a awesome way to support a orphan with Down Syndrome.....ALL money raised goes directly to the grant fund for the child's adoption....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 You gotta see this little Jib Jab elf dance of the girls....oh so cute!

Too cute...thanks Mrs Leigh for making this for us!!! The girls have now watched it like 6 times in just a few minutes!!!

What a rainy day!!!!

This morning Isabella had her school was raining and a very yucky morning!!!! Noone wanted to leave the warmth of the house...Giovanna left in a not so good mood, and William literally had to just about drag her outside to the bus!!! THat is totally NOT like her. After I got both G & G on the bus, I headed up to the shower....I was rushing to get myself together and L & B out of the house by 730am. We made it to the school in just about perfect timing. While Bella had her speech, OT and special instruction therapy this morning, I got our CHRISTmas cards ready to send out...I just know Im forgetting someone out there...

When therapy was complete, L & B and I headed to our private speech therapy where Bella finished off her morning of therapy....I know its alot in one day but she loves it and it makes my life so much easier with getting it all done in one day!!!

I had to run pick up some more makeup at Merle Norman and drop Giovanna's NIKE off at the shoe repair store. Yesterday she come home with her shoe broke. The velcro strap on the NIKE was off. Luckily it stayed attached and I was able to get it to the shoe repair store to get fixed.

I remembered today was the day to pick up some CHRISTmas presents for L & M and when I got there she told me not ready until back i will go.

Bella kept hollering for P I Z Z A so we stopped at Little Caesar's for a $5 pizza for lunch...both girls were in heavan.

WE headed to the PO to mail our CHRISTmas cards and get the second shipment of Reeces Rainbow Angel Tree ornaments out.....I mailed out over 100 ornaments on this second shipment and will be mailing another 100 or so on Friday.

Now, I have to finish the girls CHRISTmas things for their school parties for Wed and Thursday...and then we are heading to FL to see my family....

Sunday is Miss Bella's 4th Birthday!!!!! WOw how time flies!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today Shelley and the family come up so we could work on the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree ornaments...

William and Robert (Shelley's hubby) watched ALL 8 kiddos ages 6 and under....what a hoot! PICTURES to follow of the Daddy's

We were able to get several of them done and I will have to finish off about 159 on Monday if not more...

We had a productive day.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Generous sponsors and advocates for children with Down syndrome,
As you all know, the Reece's Rainbow Christmas Angel Tree Project ( began on November 1. Since that time, (9) children have found their "forever families"! We have also raised $23,627 towards the adoption of the rest of our (98) waiting children with Down syndrome!
The tangible goal set for our Christmas Angel Tree Project is to raise $1000 per child towards the cost of their adoption.
$1000 goes a long way in helping potential adoptive families take a leap of faith and commit to adopt these beautiful babies.
For the final 3 weeks of our project, the children are now grouped by the sponsorship level they are hoping to reach. Donations can still be made until December 31st, and every penny given is LIFE SAVING in nature! Let's make sure ALL of these angels can be home before next Christmas!
I must admit, this year's Angel Tree is just overwhelming. We have SO many waiting children, it can almost make you dizzy looking through all of them to decide who to sponsor. There are easily twice as many waiting children this year than last. This is a good problem to have! It means we have been able to locate these children and advocate for their adoption! But it also means the sponsorship donations are spread over that many more children.
Please share this opportunity with everyone you know...all of your family and friends, your Yahoo groups and other forums, work colleagues, church groups, etc. Just forward this e-mail and we can reach thousands of potential new sponsors....including those in Canada and overseas. Paypal knows no boundaries! :) We need everyone's help to raise $1000 for each of our children whose grant funds are still below that mark. Donations recvd before COB on December 15th will recv a photo Christmas ornament of their sponsored child. Donations recvd after that are just as crucial, and all gifts are tax deductible. ANY AMOUNT is welcome.
God bless each of you this Christmas, and for your continued support and generosity for these children, despite the economy! And of course, if anyone is considering adopting one or more of these children, please do not hesitate to inquire!
Any questions can be directed to me at

Andrea Roberts, Executive Director
Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

Today I turn a year older....what a great way to end a week...

Off to take Lily to the dermatologist...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am in search of ANYTHING to do with the Fisher Price loving Family dollhouse!!!!

My girls keep asking for the Loving Family Dollhouse (if your reading and dont know what it looks like just google it or go to ebay) and all the things that go with it. I would love to find these pre loved and still in good condition. I have bought new Dora dollhouse things, but they dont seem interested in it anymore (so i dont think i will give it to them at Christmas and would like to replace it with the LF)....SO i would even do a trade, or just buy it outright.....

If you have anything at all that goes with the Fisher price Loving family dollhouse PLEASE email me at

I will gladly pay to ship it as well.

So Lyndsey and Michael if you guys want to each buy some of this for the girls for their Christmas you can do that as well. HINT HINT

Monday, December 8, 2008

We were on the front page of the Montgomery Advertiser, our local newspaper HERE if you would like to read it and there are about 12 different pictures. Im not thrilled with the one they put in the paper but oh well. There was some things they didnt add that we ask for them to, like the Reece's Rainbow website....I wanted the word out about this awesome ministry!!! I have already had one phone call from someone I have never met, she seen the article and has been praying about adopting a angel with Down Syndrome...Ive gotta call her back and see if I can be of help to her!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gabby update...

Praise the Lord we stayed home at the Andrews Hotel last night...LOL! Yes the prednisone did help I think...BUT I do believe we need something else as well. She had breathing treatments every 4 hours yesterday...when she got worse we called the Doc. I wanted them to know what I was doing, all meds she was on currently and what the hospital had given her....RECEMIC EPI was the ticket...Its cleared her right up with little wheezing.....BUT that can only be given at the ER....ANY TIPS on how to get something similar????

She went to bed in our room, but insisited she wanted her own bed... she was breathing good so we let her....she never woke up...My monitor is right next to my NO noises from her room...PTL!

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for all your prayers and emails, and calls!!!! Im so thankful to you all out there in blog land, that dont even know my precious family, but still will get on your knees for them! WE serve a mighty and loving Lord, and he shines through all of you at times such as this! It is very scary to see your child gasping for their breath.....I DONT LIKE IT! She seems to have a steady, slow breathing pattern this morning, so we will watch it.

Someone left the comment about maybe we have some new smells in the house for the holidays....Well, the answer is NO because I have been a total holiday slacker this year. WE have NO signs of Christmas in our house yet...well until late yesterday afternoon when our prelit tree finally went up during the Alabama vs FLORIDA game. William was holding Gabby and watching the girls/ I mean game and i did the tree and then gave them all a bath.

Depending on Gabby this morning we may go to William's Christmas luncheon with Santa at the Armory....It will be inside with the heater on with food catered by Jim N sounds yummy but if Gabby isnt acting right....Santa once again will have to wait!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


William just called and got some steroid liquid and is on his way to the pharmacy to pick it up....Gabby is having the same mess again....WE are hoping the steroid will help if not looks like I will be in the hospital tonight wiht a sick girl!!

PLEASE pray for her...she hates Dr's and is scared to death....and I HATE to spend the night in the hospital....

never any sleep!!!

PRAY for my Gabby!!

Thursday night she had a pretty nasty asthma attack but we were able to get her stable and stay at home with us. i spent all day Fri at the Drs and just come home with new meds....i wasnt happy wit the visit....i went to the DS Christmas party last night and william called me frantic...Gabby was hot and having another attack....flopping around like a fish out of water....scared us to death. I was almost home and took her straight to the lovely Er. (for record I dont care for the local hospital here!) They got her stable and did all kinds of tests for RSV, Flu, and oh shoot i forgot....all were NEG. She has croop and her air ways were just about closed....he callled it "strider"??? Never heard that before... Once we had all tests back and she was stable they asked me if i felt safe bringing her home and trying to maintain her stable because he was leaning towards admitting her...I did so we were home about 1am. she slept fine last night...i will kick in the meds as soon as she finishes eating...

PLEASE pray for my sweet little girl....I dont know what is triggering this but i need to get it under control or we wil be spending alot of time in the hospital....My birthday is Fri the 12 and last year Bella's gift to me was a 2 night stay with RSV in the hospital.....lets hope this year Gabby's gift doesnt overdo hers.....:)

Blessings to you

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yesterday we took all the girls to the ENT. After waiting for almost and hour and half William was ready to go...when i asked they said we were next...Our appt was at 245 and we didnt leave there until 515! So needless to say, after you read the story of our ENT appt you will see we did NOT get to go see Jolly St Nick! We took the girls to McDonald's right by the Dr, William and the 3 big girls went inside to eat, and I stayed in the truck with Bella....SCREAMING!

Gabby, giovanna and Bella all had appointments. Well it wasnt all full of joy like I'd hoped it would be. Giovanna PRAISE GOD finally passed hearing test, but still has some slight hearing loss for low frequency but overall did very well. Her wax build up wasnt bad either and they could see BOTH tubes still in place!!!!

Isabella oh wow that is another story!!!!!! Both her ears were so badly compacted with wax. They had to put her in the papoose! IT was torture! They worked on one ear and after like 30 min they said they would not do anymore because she was screaming like mad, had broke loose from the papoose (if you seen one of these you would be shocked, its like a large velcro straight jacket) and that the wax in the left ear was way too deep and too hard of we get to be put to sleep next Wednesday to have ears cleaned out and a possible new set of tubes in there if they are no longer functionable.

After Gabby had her hearing test and PASSED the Dr looked into her ears and said " We will put her to sleep as well to clean her ears" after doing what we had done with Bella he didnt want Gabby to go through the same thing . So she too will be put to sleep next Wed for her ears. No tubes needed since she hasnt had ear infections and she passed her test....just tons of hard build up.

WOW! Has anyone else gone through this with their kiddos? How do you keep the wax build up DOWN? WE do clean out ears,but you can only go so far......

Nervous Momma

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We are off to the ENT in Birmingham today for Giovanna, Gabby and Bella. Lets pray we wont need more tubes or surgery.

Its ear infection time again!!! YUCK!

After the Dr's we will head over to the Galleria mall to see Santa. It will be late afternoon traffic time, so we are going to kill some time walking around the mall, seeing Santa and having supper.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Monday, December 1, 2008

Well, do you think they will let her wear her BDU's (Army uniform) with her 4" high heels? What about nail polish and fashion jewlery?? NOT! She loves her fashion and loves her long hair, so it is gonna be hard for her to give it all up! She can still be a fashion girly girl on the weekend though....

Lyndsey, we are proud of you and know that no matter what everyone else says YOU ARE MAKING A GOOD DECISION!! YOU will get your training and experience and a FUN 4 yrs of your life!! Travel on the military's dime......being single and free, a perfect time to make this new change! We will miss you dearly!!! BUT we are always a phone call away and will come see you when we can!!!


Here is the video of our 19yr old baby girl being sworn into the US Army by her father. She leaves January 13,2009 for basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Her job title is gonna be Mental Health Specialist. Her advanced individual training will be held at Fort Sam Houston Texas...She then will get her duty station once her AIT is complete....

We are so proud of her!! Yes, as her Momma I am very worried for her safety and well being, but I know my Lord has her in His hands!!! So please send a LOUD comment of CONGRATULATIONS out to my baby girl!!!! she reads my blog so start 'em coming!!!



ALL MY LOCAL BLOG WATCHERS/FRIENDS: No pressure to buy anything, just come enjoy some good snacks and fellowship!

Please come and have some FUN with us at the Jewelry party.

Tuesday Dec 2, 2008
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