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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gabby update...

Praise the Lord we stayed home at the Andrews Hotel last night...LOL! Yes the prednisone did help I think...BUT I do believe we need something else as well. She had breathing treatments every 4 hours yesterday...when she got worse we called the Doc. I wanted them to know what I was doing, all meds she was on currently and what the hospital had given her....RECEMIC EPI was the ticket...Its cleared her right up with little wheezing.....BUT that can only be given at the ER....ANY TIPS on how to get something similar????

She went to bed in our room, but insisited she wanted her own bed... she was breathing good so we let her....she never woke up...My monitor is right next to my NO noises from her room...PTL!

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for all your prayers and emails, and calls!!!! Im so thankful to you all out there in blog land, that dont even know my precious family, but still will get on your knees for them! WE serve a mighty and loving Lord, and he shines through all of you at times such as this! It is very scary to see your child gasping for their breath.....I DONT LIKE IT! She seems to have a steady, slow breathing pattern this morning, so we will watch it.

Someone left the comment about maybe we have some new smells in the house for the holidays....Well, the answer is NO because I have been a total holiday slacker this year. WE have NO signs of Christmas in our house yet...well until late yesterday afternoon when our prelit tree finally went up during the Alabama vs FLORIDA game. William was holding Gabby and watching the girls/ I mean game and i did the tree and then gave them all a bath.

Depending on Gabby this morning we may go to William's Christmas luncheon with Santa at the Armory....It will be inside with the heater on with food catered by Jim N sounds yummy but if Gabby isnt acting right....Santa once again will have to wait!

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The Sapersteins said...

I'll be praying for her. Anthony had an attack like that in May, but is was bronchitis. I gave him breathing treatments and that helped. I dont know about getting that other stuff, I've never heard of it. Keep us updated!

Graham Shenanigans said...

I am so glad yall got to come to the Christmas party. Gabby looked like she was feeling better and I think all of the girls had a good time!! I still forgot to give you your pampered chef!!! I will TRY to remember to give it to William tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad Gabby is feeling better! We don't need another scare like that.