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Monday, May 30, 2011

Today we want to take a moment to remember all those who have fought for our FREEDOM and the families that were left behind. Today we are free to do what ever we want, we have the right to read our bibles, to share about JESUS and so much is ALL BECAUSE of the men and women who gave their lives to allow us to be FREE. So today while you are out at the lake, laying by the pool, enjoying your cook outs, say a prayer for the families left behind, thank a friend for their military service....thank the LORD for ALL HE DOES FOR YOU!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello All.

I went to Eclectic today to help in any way I could for the tornado support. At the Warehouse down town and I visited First Baptist church as well. I wanted to know what the greatest need was and how my family could help. WE took alot of supplies and want to take more. I would like to open it up to our local church and any of your friends you want to share the info with.

At the warehouse downtown they are in need of:
NEW socks for men and woman,
mops, brooms,
hand sanitizer,
clorox wipes, and any other cleaning type needs,
towels and BED PILLOWS. She said people are asking for NEW pillows.

At the First Baptist Church they are in need of:
non perishable foods
can meat like chicken, spam, vienna sausage
individual bags of chips, cookies, crackers
little debbie cakes
individual applesauce
Diapers and pullups
cereal bars and or energy type bars
toilet paper, and paper towels

She said that everyday they make lunch sacks and take them out to workers...about 150-200 bags each day. Inside they include: TWO sandwiches, 3 little debbie cakes, 1-2 packs of crackers, a banana, applesauce pack if they have it and two cold water bottles. This sounds like alot but when you are out there working for 8-12 hours you want energy and to have something to snack on when you are hungry. She said bananas are something they all ask for.

I know this list is long but we as a whole CAN HELP! With the economic times it is tough right now, but the Lord continues to bless us and supplies all our riches...we as a body can help be Christ hands and BLESS someone as we do it. SO, if you can come together with me, lets show the people of Eclectic, we care!

I will take another load on Tues of next week and will even another load the following week if there is more donations. Anyone want to come along and see the blessing at the church and warehouse, just let me know.

Oh and at the church they cook hot meals on the weekends for the volunteers and residents. This Saturday as you have heard is going to be a huge community work day. They are looking at feeding over 400-600 people. If you want your socks blessed off, show on God's GRACE

Love you all,