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Monday, June 22, 2009

Well the girls are once again going to Vacation Bible School...this time at First Bpt in Prattville. They all love going! It is just so hot outside. Today we didnt go to speech, because they were all so crazy from Bible school....

I see the poll has closed ..... William really likes the name Polka Dot Princess so we may just have to have a I need to get stuff ordered for my name so I can start pricing the items I have around here for my booth. I have so much to get done for it. I want it to be super cute, attractive and SELL some stuff. William is giving me 3 months to see if it will work...he said if it doesnt then I will need to stop and get rid of it all...nothing returning home...LOL we will see!

I will be posting pics of our fun day in the pool yesterday. I went to Target and bought the girls a pool...its 10ftx 30 in and they love it. We all got in and had a blast for about 4 hours...this will help on these REALLY hot 102 temp days here in AL.

Lyndsey and Michael are doing well.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey I am opening a child's consingment/

second hand store inside one of our local indoor fleamarket malls here in town July 1st. I will be selling alot of my girls clothes as well as toys and also clothes and hairbows that i make. I would love your ideas for a name. On my business cards now I have always called myself " The Princess Boutique" But I dont want it to sound like just girls will mostly be this but I will also be adding some boys things as i need help for a new name...

Here are just a few i come up with but then again....the Princess/girl theme always comes out in wonder why!!

Tutu's & Tiara's
Polka Dot Princess
The Princess Boutique
Mudpies & Butterflies
From our house to YOURS
Little Treasures

HELp...any ideas?? I make custom girls outfits such as Applique shirts for boys and girls, shorts, pants/pantaloons, A Line dresses, Jon Jon's, hairbows and my shop will be alittle of could also be some household stuff and small furniture at times as well.

Leave me a comment and Im going to try and set up a poll at the side, so if you see it vote or if you have a different name leave a comment for me.

Well the girls started VBS again this week...and are going to EMBC. They love it. There are several of Giovanna's classmates going as well, so she is excited each morning to see "her friends".

I have been running errands each morning they are gone as it is so much easier to do it alone than to run in and out of somewhere with 4 little ones in tow.

Wednesday after I dropped the girls off at VBS, Gabby and I headed to Birmingham. She had an appointment with the eye Dr. She did great. Her prescription for her glasses still remain the same so that was great news. Her optic pressure is still high, but still remains the same. I got another scrip for a MRI so we can get it done and then make our appointment with the neurosergon. Right now the plan is to continue to watch her cyst on the brain to see if there is any far there has been NONE! If it remains the same this is an answered prayer. We had no clue she has this when we adopted her so following it and learning about it has been intresting to say the least.

After the Dr's we headed over to the hospital to finally meet face to face a online blogger friend...Julie Feser. She lives in Washington state so meeting her would be just about impossible. Well she is here at children's adopting their newest little man. He is so cute!!! We were able to spend a few hours with her until it was finally time to head home in the terrible afternoon/evening traffic. Gabby slept most of the way home.

When I got home, William had fed and given baths to all the other that was wonderful! We were all in bed and asleep by 9pm....LONG AND TIRING DAY

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorry I havent posted all week. My friend Susan came in last weekend and we had a great time together...

The girls have gone to VBS this week in the morning AND at night. They have had a busy busy week. They have really enjoyed the fun!!!
William and I were able to sneak a dinner in together ALONE the other night while they were at VBS so that MADE my week.

Lyndsey will be heading back in the morning on a Greyhound bus(believe it or not it was HER choice) so she can stay the weekend and visit friends and Michael before she reports back Sunday evening. She has gotten a hotel and this is a BIG test of us just cutting the rope and letting her do "her" thing. PRAY for HER please!

Michael is doing good. He has made friends at his schooling and gets to call home everyday. All is good for him at the moment.

I have had a crummy week with a BAD painful elbow. dont know what I did, but I have been unable to move it AT ALL! I was going for a shot but have been able to put it off this far.

Wednesday I have to take Gabby to the eye Dr to see if her brain cyst has grown and pushing more on her optic nerves. I think she is fine....we pray that the condition has not changed at all.

Well that was a FAST update.... Hope all is well for everyone. HUGS to you all

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In less than 24 hours my BESTEST Friend in the whole wide world will be here for the weekend!! I cant wait! She is coming in town so we can have some much needed girls fun. I won tickets to a play off the radio so we are doing that on Friday night. Saturday is our fun day..what ever we wanna do, we are gonna do. If its nothing more than hanging out at home, scrapbooking, shopping, movies or whatever....this Momma needs a little break!

Tonight William has gone with the guys to see the movie Terminator. ITs just me and the little ones, and they are all in bed. Time to get off here and start picking up. Ive been lazy this week with my wifely duties!

Play dates!

Today was such a fun day. The girls went to Vacation Bible school and at 12 I picked them up and had a surprise afternoon planned. Giovanna oh so loves her little friend from school, Carson. His Aunt (whom I met at the girls birthday party in May) was coming to town and she wanted to know if we could do a play date. I said YES of course! So after I picked up the girls, we headed to Burger King for lunch and then to the YMCA play center for a playdate with the kids. It was Angela, Brandi, Carson and his twin brother Colton, Lily (Angela's little girl she babysits who just happens to have the angel gene DS) and my whole crew. They had a blast!!!

We stayed at the Y for almost 3.5 hours. The adults talked and played with the kids...and the kiddos did so much us imaginary meals and coffee. They were so cute together! Brandi and Angela I cant wait to do it again! Giovanna was quick to tell her Daddy when he come home tonight who she played with today...too cute.