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Monday, June 22, 2009

Well the girls are once again going to Vacation Bible School...this time at First Bpt in Prattville. They all love going! It is just so hot outside. Today we didnt go to speech, because they were all so crazy from Bible school....

I see the poll has closed ..... William really likes the name Polka Dot Princess so we may just have to have a I need to get stuff ordered for my name so I can start pricing the items I have around here for my booth. I have so much to get done for it. I want it to be super cute, attractive and SELL some stuff. William is giving me 3 months to see if it will work...he said if it doesnt then I will need to stop and get rid of it all...nothing returning home...LOL we will see!

I will be posting pics of our fun day in the pool yesterday. I went to Target and bought the girls a pool...its 10ftx 30 in and they love it. We all got in and had a blast for about 4 hours...this will help on these REALLY hot 102 temp days here in AL.

Lyndsey and Michael are doing well.

3 nice people had this to say:

Cammie Heflin said...

I like Polka Dot Princess too but I voted for Mudpies, it's much more appealing to both genders!

Wendy said...

Okay here was one more as I was getting ready to log off.

"Second Time Around"

soontobemomof9 said...

Can;t wait for pictures! There is a surprise for you on my blog! :)