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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey I am opening a child's consingment/

second hand store inside one of our local indoor fleamarket malls here in town July 1st. I will be selling alot of my girls clothes as well as toys and also clothes and hairbows that i make. I would love your ideas for a name. On my business cards now I have always called myself " The Princess Boutique" But I dont want it to sound like just girls will mostly be this but I will also be adding some boys things as i need help for a new name...

Here are just a few i come up with but then again....the Princess/girl theme always comes out in wonder why!!

Tutu's & Tiara's
Polka Dot Princess
The Princess Boutique
Mudpies & Butterflies
From our house to YOURS
Little Treasures

HELp...any ideas?? I make custom girls outfits such as Applique shirts for boys and girls, shorts, pants/pantaloons, A Line dresses, Jon Jon's, hairbows and my shop will be alittle of could also be some household stuff and small furniture at times as well.

Leave me a comment and Im going to try and set up a poll at the side, so if you see it vote or if you have a different name leave a comment for me.

5 nice people had this to say:

Jenny said...

Love Mudpies & Butterflies!!!

Kelly said...

I like Butterflies and Mudpies, put the girly thing first! They are the ones with the wallets!! LOL!!

Stephanie said...

Little Treasures is my favorite, as the mom of two boys. I think otherwise I probably would assume it's all girl stuff.

Good luck with your booth! My mother-in-law had one for a while.

soontobemomof9 said...

I vote Mudpies and Butterflies too!

mommylovesu said...

mudpies and butterflies is great i definitly vote for that one!!