Come along and follow our journey of being what we think is Normal..... just a average family, following God's calling and a life blessed with Down Syndrome

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today is Lyndsey and Michaels 21 birthday! wow time flies. I remember the week building up to their what a week! I was so eager to finally meet these little babies who had made my little body GROW way more than I ever thought it could.....

they were the most precious gift that the Lord gave me.....well besides my loving husband (up to that point).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNDSEY AND MICHAEL. WE hate that we cant all be together today but know each of you have had a good day. I pray that the Lord will continue to put good, loving, christian people in your path. I pray that you both will continue to fall on your knees in front of Him seeking guidance and direction. I love you to the moon and back! Your birth changed my life forever and I am so happy that you were born! I love you so much! I am so proud of the young man and woman you both have become!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Morning all...I so have totally stunk at my blog for the last several months and Im sorry! IT is so easy to update photos to Facebook from my iphone and well thats what Ive been doing. If you are on fb please look me up " Rita Bowden Andrew" and you can see all the pics there....

I once again am on the way out the door, but wanted to send out a huge HELLO to you all and let you know I have not forgotten about you.

Here are a few pictures of Lyndsey when she was home last week. The owl picture is a owl that keeps showing up at our house. He flew down to the ground right behind William as he was watering the grass one night. When the owl flew back up to the roof we took the picture. It was almost 9pm and look at the window in the picture...who do you see? She was suppose to be asleep as she went to bed at 7pm!