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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well today Lily went to CAMP! She is gone until Friday....I just know she is going to love her new independance and I pray she can learn to enjoy her time while at camp. The girls woke up asking where she was....But now, after the other three are home from VBS, my house is so quiet...they are playing so nicely together..and there is no fighting!!!! AWH this will be good!

WE love you Lily...have lots of fun at church camp. This is the first time she has ever been away from us in the three years she has been home!!! Oh boy!!! I hope she does ok.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey all...we have had a busy week. The girls loved bible school this week. They went to a morning one and a evening one...They loved it! Then Saturday we had our bowling day again and then headed to Lowes for our building project....I am so glad Lowes does this for the kids....and my girls love it...its free and fun and in the air conditioner!!! Cant beat that for a fun Saturday treat.

I am looking for two more TAG pens made by Leapfrog. Our girls love these and we have two...but with four little girls, well two sometimes just dont cut it! So if anyone reading this has one they are willing to part with for a reasonable price...PLEASE leave me a message! the girls love to read and have stories read to them...these are the perfect educational toy that i have seen in a long time from Leapfrog.

Will post more pics in a bit, its starting to lightning here, gotta shut down for now.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

This weekend was so much fun.

Ace Bowling Alley here in Montgomery has partnered with the Miracle League Baseball and started a bowling league just for the children with special needs. All the Miracle league kids are now invited to take place in Ace All Star Bowling. This Saturday was our first of eight weeks to bowl. We will be there every Saturday morning from 9-11 and the girls are so very excited! Thanks Ace for a fun filled time. They provided the players with a bowling shirt and the girls were thrilled to put it on. they so badly wanted to even sleep in it....can you tell they are excited??

After bowling, we come home and enjoyed a lazy rest of the afternoon. The girls played and we just chilled out. To finish the night off I cooked a "breakfast" for dinner. We love pancakes at night with a tall glass of milk. While we were eating Casey showed up to come hang out with us (our babysitter) and then a hour or so later, April and Wade showed we had a fun night at home.

Church this morning was awesome. Mike finished preaching a series on "how to hear from God" was so good and has really challenged me in my own prayer time and conversations with my God.

This afternoon after church William had to go help a friend lay tile in his bathroom while the girls and I played in the pool and then we finished our night with four haircuts. They love me to do beauty shop with them and well tonight was the night. We painted fingernails and then I got out the scissors to give our summer haircuts. Gabby would not stop moving so her hair is MUCH shorter than I wanted but hey it will grow back right??? Summer is already so hot here, the humidy it killer!

This week the girls will be going to TWO vacation bible schools. A morning one from 9-12 and then our church at night...6:30-9. They are gonna be so tired each night! Wish us luck.

I hope everyone has a blessed week.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summertime is here! We bought the girls another pool this year, this time its a 12 ft round by 30 inches deep. They love it...we love it! yesterday I was able to work out in the yard and they played in the pool for THREE hours or more! In this picture Bella isnt there, she got out because she wanted to "go night night". She never fell asleep but instead decided to help Daddy work in the yard. WE put down the red concrete stepping stones to form a small patio off the pool because the dirt was so muddy....we may end up carrying it around the front and other side too...not sure yet. We have already put more money into setting this pool up and stones than we wanted too, because remember the house is up for if we dont get any offers soon, we may just go ahead and finish it the way we want... Its nothing fancy, but it sure gets the job done when you have little ones who want to play in the water! Best money we spend every year!

I just love CVS. I love following their specials, the extra bucks you get back and the awesome clearance specials. Well if you want to catch up with the "fun" you can go to this site who is a huge and she is awesome about updating every few days on new specials.

Here is a special i found the other day and called everyone i know who has a child in diapers. They are changing out their packaging and their diapers were 3.99 for the jumbo 40ct packs....AWESOME! Then a few days later they put there wipes on 75% for 13.98 I got a whole stack! Thats SEVEN of the large packs of 150-216 per pack....woohoo! WE use wipes to clean up the girls after a messy dinner, eating popcicles outside and you know all the school supply lists ask for baby wipes at the beginning of school so stock up now...