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Sunday, June 6, 2010

This weekend was so much fun.

Ace Bowling Alley here in Montgomery has partnered with the Miracle League Baseball and started a bowling league just for the children with special needs. All the Miracle league kids are now invited to take place in Ace All Star Bowling. This Saturday was our first of eight weeks to bowl. We will be there every Saturday morning from 9-11 and the girls are so very excited! Thanks Ace for a fun filled time. They provided the players with a bowling shirt and the girls were thrilled to put it on. they so badly wanted to even sleep in it....can you tell they are excited??

After bowling, we come home and enjoyed a lazy rest of the afternoon. The girls played and we just chilled out. To finish the night off I cooked a "breakfast" for dinner. We love pancakes at night with a tall glass of milk. While we were eating Casey showed up to come hang out with us (our babysitter) and then a hour or so later, April and Wade showed we had a fun night at home.

Church this morning was awesome. Mike finished preaching a series on "how to hear from God" was so good and has really challenged me in my own prayer time and conversations with my God.

This afternoon after church William had to go help a friend lay tile in his bathroom while the girls and I played in the pool and then we finished our night with four haircuts. They love me to do beauty shop with them and well tonight was the night. We painted fingernails and then I got out the scissors to give our summer haircuts. Gabby would not stop moving so her hair is MUCH shorter than I wanted but hey it will grow back right??? Summer is already so hot here, the humidy it killer!

This week the girls will be going to TWO vacation bible schools. A morning one from 9-12 and then our church at night...6:30-9. They are gonna be so tired each night! Wish us luck.

I hope everyone has a blessed week.

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