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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Have a blessed Christmas Day

I pray that you all have the best day ever. Our day has been fun so far, but raining outside so the girls cant see their trampoline yet or we will be in trouble...they wont stop asking for it if they see it.
I miss my son so badly. This is the FIRST year ever not having him home for Christmas day. All 5 girls are here.
Love ya all

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

These are the two pictures we put on our Christmas card this year. I hope you all enjoy.
William, Rita and kids
2007 Year in Review

January: Well the year started off with a bang once again. The girls are getting so big! Bella turned 2 in December and is just a joy to be around. She is now walking by herself! There is always a smile on her face and full of life. Oh and the BOSS of everyone! Giovanna is getting bigger with each day. She is so excited about life and just full speed ahead for her. Lyndsey started Auburn University in Montgomery. She has decided on a accounting major. Michael is now working at the new Jim –N- Nicks restaurant, and really likes it.

February: Well this month we finally heard the Lord’s voice saying” Go, bring my babies home!” Yes, for all of you this meant we are adopting again. We are adding 2 precious girls to our family. They currently live in Bogota, Colombia in an orphanage. Gabriella Joy with Down syndrome and Lilyanna Hope a bouncing active almost 4yr old. We will be busy getting all the paperwork ready to send overseas.

March: Full speed ahead on the adoption. The paperwork is almost complete. This month William and I celebrated our 18th anniversary. Wow, where did the time go? We also had our Forever Family celebrations: Giovanna home 3yrs & Isabella 2 yrs. I just cant get over how blessed we are!

April: William turned the big 37! Busy with the girls and all the therapists. Both of them are coming along so well.

May: Giovanna turned 5 yrs old on the 11th. We got the call. We are leaving for Colombia on May 27th & get the girls on May 28th. This is Gabriella’s 5 birthday, so it makes for a great celebration. William, Rita & Lyndsey will be going. At this point not sure how long we will be there, could be up to 7 weeks. We did our photo shoot for the magazine article to come out in July.

June: We have the girls. They are precious! Gabby is very sick with double bacterial pneumonia and was in the hospital & home care for 2 wks. Not fun, in a country you don’t speak their language & not American health care. She did recover & the process is moving quickly. We got word that our Sentencia had been granted, this is our final approval, & we will be on the plane home on June 28th. We were in Colombia for exactly 4 wks.

July: The girls are adjusting so well at being at home. They really like having a family all to their selves and NOT sharing with 200 other children. The adjustment for all the 4 little ones is going good. They have to learn, all the toys are for everyone. Michael has taken a job in Rose Mary Beach FL, so he is now living at my parent’s house. He likes his job and loves being at the beach. Our article came out in Woman’s World magazine this month. We are so happy to spread the word about the joys of special needs adoption.

August: The girls start to preschool and love it. Lily is really talking 90% English. It is just so exciting to hear her come up with new words. She had never heard English before. The Montgomery Advertiser did an article on our family & WSFA did an interview with us on air. They both turned out really nice. Go check out our website to see clips from both of them. Giovanna lost her 2 bottom front teeth!

September: Lyndsey & Michael have turned 18!!! Where did the time go? My babies are so grown up! Lyndsey is still working at House of Java and going to AUM. Michael misses home, but he come home about every 4-5 wks.

Oct/Nov: Time is flying by. William and I had the great pleasure of going to a marriage conference. We had friends who volunteered to keep the girls at our house so we could go. They also paid for our tickets. What a blessing that was for us to spend a whole weekend ALONE! Michael is now the proud owner of a ‘03 VW Jetta.

December: Well time to once again wrap up the year. We are so thankful for all that our Jesus has blessed us with. We now have 6 children and a family we couldn’t be happier with. We are so excited to see the faces on the girls this holiday. Gabby & Lily will now have their first Christmas with THEIR own family. I can’t wait to see all 6 of them unwrapping gifts. Lyndsey will start a full time office job in Jan & go to school at night. She is excited.

As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, let us all not forget He is the reason for this awesome season.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Well today we celebrate the birth of our youngest princess...Isabella Faith. She is now the BIG 3 yrs old!!! I remember this time 3 yrs ago we were having our family Christmas at my mom and Dad's house in FL, and we had no clue what present our God was about to give us!!!! We are so proud of her birth mother for giving us the joy to be her forever family. She has truely blessed us and made us a family.....

As I sit here and think back over the last 3 yrs of our family, I am at awe of God's presence. HE is such a awesome God. I never thought I would be the mother to, at that time 4 kiddos....and now..........Im a momma to 6!!! Isnt He oh so good!!

So I hope you can all say a little prayer for Bella's birth family as they are in Trinidad and hopefully thinking of this beautiful angel....and happy for her new life. I speak to her about every 6 months and she is so happy she made the right choice and gave Bella the gift of life and a forever here is to you GIRLIE (this is her nickname)........THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sorry I have been MIA......

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

I have so much to post about but not time right now, trying to get dinner going, but did want to post our pics we took of the kiddos for our Christmas's for your enjoyment......
The Andrews Crew

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas luncheon with Daddy!

Well sad to say I totally forgot to take a picture, but today was William's Christmas luncheon at the armory. He had drill today so I got the girls all dressed in one of their Chrismtas outfits and off we headed to see Daddy. Boy were they excited to go eat at Daddy's work. They all did very good. Giovanna never ceases to amaze me....She is not one to try new foods and is VERY picky...she doesnt like too many sweets either but today was the day for new things....

She ate: pulled pork, pickles (and wanted more might i add), baked beans and CAKE! These are ALL things she would NEVER eat.............but today she ate them all and wanted MORE PLEASE! Im so glad she is finally seeing that there is other good things to eat out there other thatn just BREAD! LOL

When we got home, the girls played and Bella took her nap. When William got home, I took the 3 older girls outside for a quick walk, the day was gorgeous. Lyndsey walked with us too! They all love their big sister....and Brother!

Tomorrow is preschool for them all so we are all off to bed!