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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ANyone out there have a child in elementary school and can do me a HUGE favor?? If you will please email me a copy of the goals for your child in their IEP..and if you have modifications for them for the curriculum such as amount of spelling words, math problems, etc...ANYTHING to do with modifications PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!! I NEED ALL THE INPUT RIGHT NOW I CAN GET.

I will keep your childs IEP goals private and will only be using this as a guide and a help cheat sheet for my Gabby and Giovanna. The school is trying to pull a fast one over on me and I have finally caught on...I will type all this up and let you all know but right not I am so consumed with learning ALL I can about LRE, FAPE and no child left behind that my brain is FRIED~ (thanks so much to shelley for hearing my yells, cries and frustrations on a daily basis!)

I have called yet another IEP meeting for next week (THIRD one since school started 3 weeks ago!!!) and need to get this asap... If anyone is well educated on the LRE, no child left behind act and want to fill me in and hear my "story" I would love to call ya.

Thanks so much~~

Eager to figure this all out ,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well school started last week and the girls and I are still trying to get into a regular routine again. Our day starts bright and early at 5:45! The bus picks up G & G at 7am, William leaves to take Lily to school at 7:20 and then on to work. I leave to take Bella to her school M W F at 8:15. By 8:45 I am FREE until 2 PM. Then the afternoon schedule starts! Bella gets picked up at 2, Lily at 2:50 and we get home just in time for the bus for G & G at 3....WHEW.... Snack and then homework, Dinner and the bath and bed time all by 7:15!!!! I am totally pooped by 8:00. Wonder why? Anyone else feel totally wiped out by early evening?

The girls are enjoying school. I am trying to come to with all the IEP's and what the school is expected to do...I want the girls to get the best educational day that they can. Giovanna is doing well with her spelling, reading, and writing...We are so proud of her. NEVER did I think that five years ago, the baby girl I had dreamt of would be in a regular ed class, reading and doing her very best....God is so good.

Gabby is doing great too....she is saying her numbers and trying to write her name... She tries so hard and we are so proud of her!

Lily is also in the first grade. She is in private school as she missed the cut off by 7 days for public school. She is doing very well and today was her first bible test and guess what.....SHE MADE A 100!!! WAY TO GO LILY!!! SHE IS so excited for her new class.... She will be turning 6 on Sept 9th! She is READY for her big day.

Bella oh Bella Boo~ She is learning that she is now in a big girl class. She is still at the same school she has been at, but a different wing of the school. She tries to escape the class and run around the hall to her old class...After much talking to, and threats from the school that she would not be able to continue to come to school there if she continues to run out of the class, she is doing MUCH MUCH better! She loves school and I so wish she could go 5 days a week but her Preschool is only open 3 days. She will for sure be ready for kindergarten next year.

Lyndsey also started her AIT, military school, on Monday Aug 10. She is enjoying getting to know so many new people and excited to start learning what her "class" will teach her.

Michael is now back to work in Rose Mary Beach. He is happy to finally be settling back into a regular routine with work, and weekend drills. He is trying to get his room "cleaned" out at Mom's so he can set up his little house. He is looking for bedding and a new TV.

William does not too much like his new position at work...too much drama! He will be heading to DC to meet the folks he deals with up there soon. That trip will last for 5 days...oh what fun for me.

Me, well Ive been busy trying to make hair bows for my "store" at the indoor flea market. I have enjoyed setting up my own little booth and have done well. I sell the girls clothes they have outgrown, toys we just dont play with anymore, all of which are all still in GREAT shape. I also have made tons of hairbows and will be making boutique outfits to sell as well. If anyone is looking for any outfits or hairbows to make a outfit already let me know. I have finally started organizing my sewing/craft room...I love it. I love having a space to go and relax. I enjoy to scrapbook and sew and have too much "stuff" to have to pack up everytime I want to work on something....I am so glad I can have this space...I had said that once the big kids moved out that I would be taking over a room...and I did..LOL.

Our trip to Gatliburg went great. William and Michael really enjoyed riding their motorcycles and I enjoyed gettting to spend some down time with the girls. We went to Dollywood while there and of course no trip is complete without some shopping. We also took one of our babysitters to help out on the days William was out riding his motorcycle. Casey was a big help.

Well I guess thats all for now. I do have tons of pictures from the trip and the first week of school, however William downloaded them to his computer so I have to wait on him to put them on mine..stay tuned.

The picture is of Michael the day he flew in to Montgomery from his Bootcamp an AIT. The girls were so excited to see him again.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have some anxious girls in my house tonight......


Tuesday Lily starts and Wednesday Bella starts!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well I thought I was going to be able to post pictures but I forgot the cord. We have had a great time so far. Here is a quick run down so far.

Monday: The Aquarium

Tuesday: William, Michael, JR (my bro in law) and my Dad all took their motorcycles out for a day long drive. They loved it. My sister, her kiddos, mom, and the girls and I all joined them in Cade's Cove for a picnic in the park. It was beautiful!

Wednesday: The guys were to drive motorcycles today but it looked like it was going to rain. They cancelled the ride and we headed out to do some school shopping. Picked up a few things for the girls and even a nice surprise for me. My Mom fell down the stairs and broke her elbow really bad. She was rushed to the ER where they did MRI, Cat scan, X rays and complete workup. She will need surgery on her arm as soon as the swelling goes down so she will have to wait until she gets back home to FL and go to the Dr Dad has a Dr friend and has already emailed the Xrays to he knows whats going on and will be expecting her. She is in alot of pain so please pray for her! The day ended nicely...Michael and Casey (our babysitter we brought from home to give me a extra set of hands while William was out on the motorcycles) went to downtown Gatlinburg and did all the tour spots, lots of fun..and even the skylift. They loved it..Come home and watched a late night movie. UPDATE ON MY MOM: THE DR MY DAD KNOWS SEEN MOMS XRAYS AND SAID SHE NEEDED TO GO BACK TO THE DR THIS MORNING. HE WANTS TO TALK ON THE PHONE WITH THE DR WHILE MY PARENTS ARE THERE....HE FEELS SURGERY NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT AWAY...MORE TO FOLLOW THIS AFTERNOON AFTER THE APPT. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER...SHE IS IN ALOT OF PAIN AND SCARED TO DEATH OF WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO HER.

Thursday: Well here we are on Thursday already... Today is suppose to be a gorgeous day...William and the guys are heading out for the second day long motorcycle trip. They are going to this mountain which is a hour from here, cant remember the name of it, to ride it. It is like 11 miles and has over 300 curves. They are excited...but IM NOT! I will be praying all day for their this mountain takes alot of lives each year from motorcycles! PLEASE pray today for their safety! Its gonna be a girls day out. Not sure what all we will do but we will find something. I will be going to my favorite place tonight...the HUGE scrapbook store! This will be my NO KIDS time out! Tomorrow will be fun....DOLLYWOOD!!!

Well I hope you all are having a wonderful week. This is our last hurrah for the summer as the girls will start school on Monday. Lily will start Tuesday and Bella will start Wednesday. so by Wedneday I will have no kiddos at home....well except for Bella on Tues and Thursday's.
I promise pics to follow when we get home!!! OR unless William has the cord hidden somewhere here on vacation...

Monday, August 3, 2009

On vacation in Gatlinburg...more to follow...

enjoying the weather, food, family and the mountains...

we went to the aquarium today and the girls loved it.