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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ANyone out there have a child in elementary school and can do me a HUGE favor?? If you will please email me a copy of the goals for your child in their IEP..and if you have modifications for them for the curriculum such as amount of spelling words, math problems, etc...ANYTHING to do with modifications PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!! I NEED ALL THE INPUT RIGHT NOW I CAN GET.

I will keep your childs IEP goals private and will only be using this as a guide and a help cheat sheet for my Gabby and Giovanna. The school is trying to pull a fast one over on me and I have finally caught on...I will type all this up and let you all know but right not I am so consumed with learning ALL I can about LRE, FAPE and no child left behind that my brain is FRIED~ (thanks so much to shelley for hearing my yells, cries and frustrations on a daily basis!)

I have called yet another IEP meeting for next week (THIRD one since school started 3 weeks ago!!!) and need to get this asap... If anyone is well educated on the LRE, no child left behind act and want to fill me in and hear my "story" I would love to call ya.

Thanks so much~~

Eager to figure this all out ,

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Jutta said...

I suggets you contact Alabama Parent Education Center. The center is located at 10520 U.S. 231in Wetumpka. They provide free parent advocacy services. The phone number is 567-2252. It might not help you for this IEP meeting. However, you can get your case rolling and have help for future meetings.