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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am so sad right now! Why do people feel the need to use the "R" word??
Our girls are people too, and you know what they are very special people, to many! They are 3 of the most awesome things that have ever happened to our family, and well LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Please learn what the NEW "R" word is..........RESPECT!!!




so as you watch THIS, please know how terribly SAD and ANGRY it makes not only parents to children with a disability, but to also those WITH the disABILITY!

for those who dont know...the "R" word is Retard! and friends, that is NOT what our girls are!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is a logo I found online...this is not the one for our dance...

Guess what will happen in our house on Friday night??? If you guessed a dinner and dance with the girls you guessed right. WE feel honored to accept tickets for the first annual Father Daughter dance being held at the Marriott Legends in Prattville. The Millbrook Chamber is hosting it. We were asked if William would like to take the girls and be blessed with the $250 worth of tickets....well yes he would but only problem is there is no way he could do it with all 4 by himself in that setting. Sudden loud noises just freak Giovanna out and with our "run away Bella" that would call for a intresting night for him. So they have generously invited me to go along. There will be other women/moms there too so I wont be sticking out totally....well at least I hope not. Im going to let William and the girls have their night but I will be there to keep a eye on the run away and help ease the noise for Giovanna.

I told the girls all about their special dinner and dance with Daddy and they are SO EXCITED. We will do our hair, dress up and even get to buy new shoes for the night....oh this will be fun! I will be sure to share pics of it all with you probably on stay tuned!!!!!

Daddy with four little Valentine princesses this will be fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lyndsey today with our cat
Lyndsey age 12 mths

This is our little princess....Lyndsey....Well she is now our oldest princess but Still a Princess!
During our life at this point in time, all we could think about was....when are these babies gonna grow up?....well today is the day that it has hit me! Lyndsey is all grown up! She left for her first offical big move....she is off to KANSAS. This will be her first military duty station. She is excited and nervous what this stage in life will bring but ready for it to finally start. She has had a long road this last year with her military training and all the hard work has finally payed off. She is headed to the road of her first really big job. She has held down a full time job since she was 16 but this journey is all too different. We are so proud of her. She is making a huge step and it is so neat to watch "this baby girl" grow up into a beautiful young woman. God has really blessed us.

Lord, I come to you right now as a Momma Bear. I ask you to please protect my daughter as she is embarking on this huge step and send people into her paths to help her. Remind her of you everyday. HElp her make wise decisions and bless her when she redirect her steps when the decisions arent made wisely. Lord give her peace and patience as she has to learn the ways of people in her job, in her dorm and in a new area of the united states. Lord I give her back to you....she is my heart keep from hurting as she is so far away from us. Guide her ways and keep her strong. I love you Lord....Amen....

William called to tell me that they have finally made it to Ft Riley and they are heading over to the inprocesing station now to get her signed in.

WEll its been a few days and things have been nuts.

Giovanna is feeling better but her and Bella just take turns with illness. Bella isnt feeling good again. Coughing and running a low grade temp. Im watching her to see if i need to take her to the Dr too.

Lyndsey started packing her things and preparing for the big move. She is due to be in Kansas by WEd night..

Michael come home over the weekend and the two of them went skydiving! they loved it! I will try to post the links to their video's on youtube already. They have tried to spend some good quality time together because it will be almost a year before they get to see one another again. Michael wanted to go out there with us this summer, however he will be gone the whole month of July for his summer annual training with the Army Reserves. WE are planning on heading out there either June or July...just waiting for her to get settled in and then we will plan it.

William is home from his trip to Arkansas thank Goodness but will be leaving out again with Lyndsey on Tuesday driving with her to Kansas. He wants to go with her because it is a 19 hour drive and the middle of winter...snow + ice + Lyndsey = disaster! She has never had to drive on any of that and he wants to make sure she is safe and there. This will be crazy time for her while she gets settled and meeting all the new people she will be spending the next few years with.

this is michael's link to his skydiving trip

this is Lyndsey's link to his skydiving trip