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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lyndsey today with our cat
Lyndsey age 12 mths

This is our little princess....Lyndsey....Well she is now our oldest princess but Still a Princess!
During our life at this point in time, all we could think about was....when are these babies gonna grow up?....well today is the day that it has hit me! Lyndsey is all grown up! She left for her first offical big move....she is off to KANSAS. This will be her first military duty station. She is excited and nervous what this stage in life will bring but ready for it to finally start. She has had a long road this last year with her military training and all the hard work has finally payed off. She is headed to the road of her first really big job. She has held down a full time job since she was 16 but this journey is all too different. We are so proud of her. She is making a huge step and it is so neat to watch "this baby girl" grow up into a beautiful young woman. God has really blessed us.

Lord, I come to you right now as a Momma Bear. I ask you to please protect my daughter as she is embarking on this huge step and send people into her paths to help her. Remind her of you everyday. HElp her make wise decisions and bless her when she redirect her steps when the decisions arent made wisely. Lord give her peace and patience as she has to learn the ways of people in her job, in her dorm and in a new area of the united states. Lord I give her back to you....she is my heart keep from hurting as she is so far away from us. Guide her ways and keep her strong. I love you Lord....Amen....

William called to tell me that they have finally made it to Ft Riley and they are heading over to the inprocesing station now to get her signed in.

2 nice people had this to say:

Jenny said...

She is beautiful. You have done a wonderful job Momma!

My name is Sarah said...

We will be thinking of Lyndsey too. Such a great thing she is doing. My mom really likes your prayer. She says it is beautiful.