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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WEll its been a few days and things have been nuts.

Giovanna is feeling better but her and Bella just take turns with illness. Bella isnt feeling good again. Coughing and running a low grade temp. Im watching her to see if i need to take her to the Dr too.

Lyndsey started packing her things and preparing for the big move. She is due to be in Kansas by WEd night..

Michael come home over the weekend and the two of them went skydiving! they loved it! I will try to post the links to their video's on youtube already. They have tried to spend some good quality time together because it will be almost a year before they get to see one another again. Michael wanted to go out there with us this summer, however he will be gone the whole month of July for his summer annual training with the Army Reserves. WE are planning on heading out there either June or July...just waiting for her to get settled in and then we will plan it.

William is home from his trip to Arkansas thank Goodness but will be leaving out again with Lyndsey on Tuesday driving with her to Kansas. He wants to go with her because it is a 19 hour drive and the middle of winter...snow + ice + Lyndsey = disaster! She has never had to drive on any of that and he wants to make sure she is safe and there. This will be crazy time for her while she gets settled and meeting all the new people she will be spending the next few years with.

this is michael's link to his skydiving trip

this is Lyndsey's link to his skydiving trip


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