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Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is a logo I found online...this is not the one for our dance...

Guess what will happen in our house on Friday night??? If you guessed a dinner and dance with the girls you guessed right. WE feel honored to accept tickets for the first annual Father Daughter dance being held at the Marriott Legends in Prattville. The Millbrook Chamber is hosting it. We were asked if William would like to take the girls and be blessed with the $250 worth of tickets....well yes he would but only problem is there is no way he could do it with all 4 by himself in that setting. Sudden loud noises just freak Giovanna out and with our "run away Bella" that would call for a intresting night for him. So they have generously invited me to go along. There will be other women/moms there too so I wont be sticking out totally....well at least I hope not. Im going to let William and the girls have their night but I will be there to keep a eye on the run away and help ease the noise for Giovanna.

I told the girls all about their special dinner and dance with Daddy and they are SO EXCITED. We will do our hair, dress up and even get to buy new shoes for the night....oh this will be fun! I will be sure to share pics of it all with you probably on stay tuned!!!!!

Daddy with four little Valentine princesses this will be fun!

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soontobemomof9 said...

LOL.. I think Daddy might just get worn out! :) It makes a great picture to think of them all wanting their turn to dance! :)