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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well I thought I was going to be able to post pictures but I forgot the cord. We have had a great time so far. Here is a quick run down so far.

Monday: The Aquarium

Tuesday: William, Michael, JR (my bro in law) and my Dad all took their motorcycles out for a day long drive. They loved it. My sister, her kiddos, mom, and the girls and I all joined them in Cade's Cove for a picnic in the park. It was beautiful!

Wednesday: The guys were to drive motorcycles today but it looked like it was going to rain. They cancelled the ride and we headed out to do some school shopping. Picked up a few things for the girls and even a nice surprise for me. My Mom fell down the stairs and broke her elbow really bad. She was rushed to the ER where they did MRI, Cat scan, X rays and complete workup. She will need surgery on her arm as soon as the swelling goes down so she will have to wait until she gets back home to FL and go to the Dr Dad has a Dr friend and has already emailed the Xrays to he knows whats going on and will be expecting her. She is in alot of pain so please pray for her! The day ended nicely...Michael and Casey (our babysitter we brought from home to give me a extra set of hands while William was out on the motorcycles) went to downtown Gatlinburg and did all the tour spots, lots of fun..and even the skylift. They loved it..Come home and watched a late night movie. UPDATE ON MY MOM: THE DR MY DAD KNOWS SEEN MOMS XRAYS AND SAID SHE NEEDED TO GO BACK TO THE DR THIS MORNING. HE WANTS TO TALK ON THE PHONE WITH THE DR WHILE MY PARENTS ARE THERE....HE FEELS SURGERY NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT AWAY...MORE TO FOLLOW THIS AFTERNOON AFTER THE APPT. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER...SHE IS IN ALOT OF PAIN AND SCARED TO DEATH OF WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO HER.

Thursday: Well here we are on Thursday already... Today is suppose to be a gorgeous day...William and the guys are heading out for the second day long motorcycle trip. They are going to this mountain which is a hour from here, cant remember the name of it, to ride it. It is like 11 miles and has over 300 curves. They are excited...but IM NOT! I will be praying all day for their this mountain takes alot of lives each year from motorcycles! PLEASE pray today for their safety! Its gonna be a girls day out. Not sure what all we will do but we will find something. I will be going to my favorite place tonight...the HUGE scrapbook store! This will be my NO KIDS time out! Tomorrow will be fun....DOLLYWOOD!!!

Well I hope you all are having a wonderful week. This is our last hurrah for the summer as the girls will start school on Monday. Lily will start Tuesday and Bella will start Wednesday. so by Wedneday I will have no kiddos at home....well except for Bella on Tues and Thursday's.
I promise pics to follow when we get home!!! OR unless William has the cord hidden somewhere here on vacation...

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