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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas luncheon with Daddy!

Well sad to say I totally forgot to take a picture, but today was William's Christmas luncheon at the armory. He had drill today so I got the girls all dressed in one of their Chrismtas outfits and off we headed to see Daddy. Boy were they excited to go eat at Daddy's work. They all did very good. Giovanna never ceases to amaze me....She is not one to try new foods and is VERY picky...she doesnt like too many sweets either but today was the day for new things....

She ate: pulled pork, pickles (and wanted more might i add), baked beans and CAKE! These are ALL things she would NEVER eat.............but today she ate them all and wanted MORE PLEASE! Im so glad she is finally seeing that there is other good things to eat out there other thatn just BREAD! LOL

When we got home, the girls played and Bella took her nap. When William got home, I took the 3 older girls outside for a quick walk, the day was gorgeous. Lyndsey walked with us too! They all love their big sister....and Brother!

Tomorrow is preschool for them all so we are all off to bed!

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William Michael said...

sounds like you guys had a good time!