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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summertime is here! We bought the girls another pool this year, this time its a 12 ft round by 30 inches deep. They love it...we love it! yesterday I was able to work out in the yard and they played in the pool for THREE hours or more! In this picture Bella isnt there, she got out because she wanted to "go night night". She never fell asleep but instead decided to help Daddy work in the yard. WE put down the red concrete stepping stones to form a small patio off the pool because the dirt was so muddy....we may end up carrying it around the front and other side too...not sure yet. We have already put more money into setting this pool up and stones than we wanted too, because remember the house is up for if we dont get any offers soon, we may just go ahead and finish it the way we want... Its nothing fancy, but it sure gets the job done when you have little ones who want to play in the water! Best money we spend every year!

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