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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I just love CVS. I love following their specials, the extra bucks you get back and the awesome clearance specials. Well if you want to catch up with the "fun" you can go to this site who is a huge and she is awesome about updating every few days on new specials.

Here is a special i found the other day and called everyone i know who has a child in diapers. They are changing out their packaging and their diapers were 3.99 for the jumbo 40ct packs....AWESOME! Then a few days later they put there wipes on 75% for 13.98 I got a whole stack! Thats SEVEN of the large packs of 150-216 per pack....woohoo! WE use wipes to clean up the girls after a messy dinner, eating popcicles outside and you know all the school supply lists ask for baby wipes at the beginning of school so stock up now...

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