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Friday, May 28, 2010

I could add tons of pictures here and I will upload more I promise...but wanted to start today out with a few special pictures. Today is a VERY speical day. Today is Gabby's 8th birthday and also Gabby and Lily's FOREVER FAMILY DAY! Today, three years ago, in Bogota Colombia, we were blessed to become the parents of two little girls. They were shy, scared, and not exactly sure what these people were doing there. WE didnt speak any spanish and wanted to love all over them. Lily, once she opened up, she wanted to know where Michael, Giovanna and Bella were. The orphanage had shown her the photo album we had sent and she knew who all the members of our family were...and well she didnt see them all there. Smart little girl she is.

I wont even begin to say it was a bed or roses in the beginning but will say, The LORD brought us through it and we love our girls! We are so blessed to be their parents and call it a honor.

THEN OUR Gabby's birthday. She is still sleeping, but when she wakes up, today is all about her! I want her to feel like she is royality...remember she did have a princess party!

Tonight we will celebrate our Family Day with going out to dinner....and at lunch celebrate we have a fun, busy day ahead of us..

Thank you Lord for our blessings!

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