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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well the girls started VBS again this week...and are going to EMBC. They love it. There are several of Giovanna's classmates going as well, so she is excited each morning to see "her friends".

I have been running errands each morning they are gone as it is so much easier to do it alone than to run in and out of somewhere with 4 little ones in tow.

Wednesday after I dropped the girls off at VBS, Gabby and I headed to Birmingham. She had an appointment with the eye Dr. She did great. Her prescription for her glasses still remain the same so that was great news. Her optic pressure is still high, but still remains the same. I got another scrip for a MRI so we can get it done and then make our appointment with the neurosergon. Right now the plan is to continue to watch her cyst on the brain to see if there is any far there has been NONE! If it remains the same this is an answered prayer. We had no clue she has this when we adopted her so following it and learning about it has been intresting to say the least.

After the Dr's we headed over to the hospital to finally meet face to face a online blogger friend...Julie Feser. She lives in Washington state so meeting her would be just about impossible. Well she is here at children's adopting their newest little man. He is so cute!!! We were able to spend a few hours with her until it was finally time to head home in the terrible afternoon/evening traffic. Gabby slept most of the way home.

When I got home, William had fed and given baths to all the other that was wonderful! We were all in bed and asleep by 9pm....LONG AND TIRING DAY

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