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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorry I havent posted all week. My friend Susan came in last weekend and we had a great time together...

The girls have gone to VBS this week in the morning AND at night. They have had a busy busy week. They have really enjoyed the fun!!!
William and I were able to sneak a dinner in together ALONE the other night while they were at VBS so that MADE my week.

Lyndsey will be heading back in the morning on a Greyhound bus(believe it or not it was HER choice) so she can stay the weekend and visit friends and Michael before she reports back Sunday evening. She has gotten a hotel and this is a BIG test of us just cutting the rope and letting her do "her" thing. PRAY for HER please!

Michael is doing good. He has made friends at his schooling and gets to call home everyday. All is good for him at the moment.

I have had a crummy week with a BAD painful elbow. dont know what I did, but I have been unable to move it AT ALL! I was going for a shot but have been able to put it off this far.

Wednesday I have to take Gabby to the eye Dr to see if her brain cyst has grown and pushing more on her optic nerves. I think she is fine....we pray that the condition has not changed at all.

Well that was a FAST update.... Hope all is well for everyone. HUGS to you all

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Christy said...

Good Luck Lyndsey.... hope this time is the charm and your all healed so you can finish up! :)