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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well once again I come to apologize. We have been so busy. The girls and I have been hanging out and trying to enjoy a little bit of down time here at home. All of the VBS we had planned are now finished up except our church mid July. The girls have had a blast with the 5 they attended in June.

The tooth fairy is going broke visiting our house. Giovanna has lost another tooth and Lily lost her first two teeth a day apart. She now has 2 little nubs growing back on the bottom of her mouth. Giovanna just walked over to William one night and said Daddy look....and pushed on her tooth...It was totally just hanging there. I barely put the paper towel on it and out it come. They both were very excited to have "prizes" from the tooth fairy.

William and I along with the 4 little ones are packing up and heading to TN for the 4th of July. My best friend Susan and her hubby Mike moved there 2 yrs ago and we dont get the spend near enough time together! She was her on the 4th of June for the musical I won tickets too....that was a blast.

I hope that everyone out there has a fantastic 4th of July and remember to stay safe. In many places it is far too dry to do please keep that in mind.

I will be updating pics soon.
Giovanna dropped my new camera William got me for Mothers Day and broke it. I was SOOO upset. It was a Nickon S230. Small, lightweight and would do movies and nice pictures...I kept it in my purse.. The other day when i took pictures in the pool, she seen it on the patio table after we were out and drying off and wanted to take a picture...well when i seen her i tried to say it quietly for her to put it down, she did alright....dropped it right on the concrete. There is now a crack on the screen from corner to corner. It no longer does movies and the touch screen doesnt work. All i can do it take pictures, which is good..but no video's or no touch screen. I was so so so upset! William told me I could go buy another one and this time we now have a 2yr waranty on it that covers those "drops on the concrete" with full coverage...they will give me another one!!!!

Lyndsey and Michael are doing well. They are both counting down the days...Micheal is at 27 days until he graduates and can come home. Lyndsey is counting down the days that they will allow her to take a final PT test. She is hoping she will be done by the end of July to take a test and leave for TX. Please continue to keep her in your prayers!!

Be safe.....

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Amy L said...

Caleb sprayed my screen on my laptop last fall.:( Luckily when I took it in, they told me I had purchased coverage against accidents. I totally forgot I bought that but I am glad I did, because the repair would have been $700!
I'll check back to see pictures.:)