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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Play dates!

Today was such a fun day. The girls went to Vacation Bible school and at 12 I picked them up and had a surprise afternoon planned. Giovanna oh so loves her little friend from school, Carson. His Aunt (whom I met at the girls birthday party in May) was coming to town and she wanted to know if we could do a play date. I said YES of course! So after I picked up the girls, we headed to Burger King for lunch and then to the YMCA play center for a playdate with the kids. It was Angela, Brandi, Carson and his twin brother Colton, Lily (Angela's little girl she babysits who just happens to have the angel gene DS) and my whole crew. They had a blast!!!

We stayed at the Y for almost 3.5 hours. The adults talked and played with the kids...and the kiddos did so much us imaginary meals and coffee. They were so cute together! Brandi and Angela I cant wait to do it again! Giovanna was quick to tell her Daddy when he come home tonight who she played with today...too cute.

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Angela Hughes said...

Is Giovanna still trying to figure out how to make the latte Carson ordered? Since when did the Krusty Krab start selling lattes? LOL!