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Saturday, December 6, 2008

PRAY for my Gabby!!

Thursday night she had a pretty nasty asthma attack but we were able to get her stable and stay at home with us. i spent all day Fri at the Drs and just come home with new meds....i wasnt happy wit the visit....i went to the DS Christmas party last night and william called me frantic...Gabby was hot and having another attack....flopping around like a fish out of water....scared us to death. I was almost home and took her straight to the lovely Er. (for record I dont care for the local hospital here!) They got her stable and did all kinds of tests for RSV, Flu, and oh shoot i forgot....all were NEG. She has croop and her air ways were just about closed....he callled it "strider"??? Never heard that before... Once we had all tests back and she was stable they asked me if i felt safe bringing her home and trying to maintain her stable because he was leaning towards admitting her...I did so we were home about 1am. she slept fine last night...i will kick in the meds as soon as she finishes eating...

PLEASE pray for my sweet little girl....I dont know what is triggering this but i need to get it under control or we wil be spending alot of time in the hospital....My birthday is Fri the 12 and last year Bella's gift to me was a 2 night stay with RSV in the hospital.....lets hope this year Gabby's gift doesnt overdo hers.....:)

Blessings to you

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My name is Sarah said...

Hi This is Joyce. So sorry to hear about Gabby. We have been told many times that Sarah has strider. It is basically a noise the doctor hears with the stethoscope that is like an internal cough rather than an extra cough. It usually goes along with croup or asthma when the little airway branches are very tight. Has Gabby had asthma symptoms before?

I smiled when I read about your birthday. Mine is in January and for four years straight when Sarah was younger we spent it in the hospital. I started to refer to it as my annual birthday vacation. At least the Cleveland Clinic has a Starbucks inside so I could go down and buy my favorite "birthday" drink that I normally would not indulge in.

We will say an extra prayer for Gabby and your family that this is short term.

Jill said...

I hope her meds help. Prayers going your way!

Jenny said...

Ian has always had the croup at least once in the winter - usually multiple times. When he was 1, I guess, we ended up with a breathing machine at y'all have that? You may want to ask about it. Our was $150, but well worth it since it's kept us out of the doctor/hospital multiple times I'm sure. I have heard the term "strider" with him. I hope she's better soon!