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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gabby and the DR

Well today I took Gabriella to the heart Dr and had a full round of tests...I just wanted to make sure her heart was 100% or if we needed to do anything. He assured me she was in great condition with her heart. He was however, worried about her size. She weighs now 30 pounds and is the size of Isabella now at 2.5. He is going to recommend that her synthroid dose be upped because her TSH test showed a almost 4. It should be at we need to find out when they will change her dose. Other than this we are a blessed family. William did go to the Dr for himself this morning at 6:45 and they put him on a Z pack and he is feeling somewhat better. Please continue to pray for us as we are helping the girls settle into a family routine. Lily is really starting to talk up a storm in english but everyone once in a while she spits something out in Spanish and then catches herself and says "Oh Mommy no espanial" So cute. We had NO temper tantrums from her today!!!!!!! PRaise be to God!!!

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