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Friday, September 21, 2007

Zoo day

Oh boy, I ventured out and took all 4 of the girls to the zoo by myself today (well really yesterday on Thursday). We had a GREAT day! The only exception was it was the first time Gabby or Lily had ever seen animals like this. Giovanna and Bella enjoyed looking at the elephants, lions and even the monkeys.......Lily said her favorite animal was the giraffe. We were there from 9:30 until 1 and even had a picnic. I just couldnt get over how well they all did, with me by myself. The weather was fantastic nice and breazy and totally NOT hot. This cooling down weather is great, I hate the 100+ days. I will post some pictures when I bring the camera in, I am already loaded up for school day today.

Have a blessed day..........Praise report............

I think Lily has totally be transformed........she is a different kiddo..............for 4 days she has been perfect with NO MELTDOWNS!!!! so today after school we get to go to the dollar tree for one prize of her choice. Giovanna is working on potty training.....still long way to go but has done well so all of the girls get to pick one prize today at the store................ Way to go to all my Princesses.

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