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Monday, October 1, 2007

Gabby goes for PreOp today at 1:30

Well today I take Gabriella to Bpt S for her Pre op for her MRI in the morning. Please stand in prayer with us that there are no major issues with the results of her MRI. Please pray that she does well with being put to sleep for the 1.5-2 hrs procedure. Thanks so much for all your friendships and love for our family.

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wvamom said...

I am praying for your family! We have a 14 year old son with Down syndrome--so we know the blessings, the fears, the rewards that come with parenting. You guys rock in my book!

Rita said...

thanks so much!!! How did you find our blog? I cant wait till our girls are 14..........oh boy the teen years with 4 of them at once...maybe I should wait!! LOL

wvamom said...

I honestly can't remember! I think it will come to me--I am on several adoption forums--could have been one of those.

I have to tell you, our son watched the video about your family, and he was really excited when he realized that there was an article about your family attached to your blog. He had me print it for him so he can share it with his speech class for his "current events" article this week.

We have four other children as well, but none with any ongoing special needs. How well I remember early intervention, pt, ot, speech therapy--and what a happy day when we "graduated" from each of those.

BTW my husband and I both loved your poem. It's so true! We were thrilled when our daughters walked, but elated beyond measure when Wes walked at age 2 1/2. Now he is in 9th grade, working at grade level, and participates in church choir and Scouts. He is an excellent cook, and a great helper with our 1 year old.

Feel free to email me any time you would like encouragement.

Praying for a good result from the MRI today.


Rita said...

I would love to email you however your email doesnt show up. My email is Email and then I will have it.