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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Much to be thankful for.....

Sorry its taken me awhile to post but its been busy around is a recap of our Thaksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving Day we went to Troy to see family...My son Michael had to work so we missed seeing him dearly...My parents were there and 2 of my brothers. Gabby and Lily hadnt met them yet so that was neat for them. The girls had fun running around the house and playing with the few toys mom had brought. We had a nice lunch (thanks Mom) and enjoyed the time together... Black Friday was a day of rest!!! This is the FIRST year I had not gotten up at 3 AM to hit the stores...I just didnt see alot in the papers that were worth me jumping up for...WE already got the girls large items, a Trampoline and a Train/lego table. I know they WILL LOVE these. I have been slowly buying little things and some toys on Ebay for them so not alot to get out and get...Now the big kids, well thats another story...(sorry Mike Im not leaving hints!)

On Saturday, Michael was able to come home for a long weekend, he just left early this morning to get back to work. My birth father and his wife come down from Atlanta and we had our family Thanksgiving on Saturday...The big Alabama/Auburn game was on that night so we were all glued to the TV for the game. Sunday afternoon, Michael and his friend helped William hang the lights up outside and boy did they do it up. The girls love all the lights... Monday I woke up to Michael putting up the Christmas Tree set up in the living room (I will have to decorate it)..That was a nice surprise!!! I cant wait to see the girls faces this year...I dont know how much Gabby and Lily got to see as far as Christmas decorations in Colombia so this will be fun!!!

A nice surprise!!!! Remember in a previous post, I mentioned the girls friend Nicole from Colombia in their orphanage...well thanks to the help of my Colombian connections group online I found the wonderful family in Connecticut that adopted her. We spoke this morning on the phone. I pray that we will be able to stay in contact with them, so the girls one day can see one another again!

Here are some pictures of us from the DS Buddy walk this year....sorry its taken me a while to post it...and then one of the 8 little feet that keep me RUNNING all day!!! I took this the other day while they were sitting on the kitchen floor having their snack....Gosh, Im one lucky Momma!!!

The Princess Team

Isabella Faith (holding her hands up high) Gabriella Joy(sporitng her glasses)

Giovanna Grace (showing off her face painting)

Lilyanna Hope (showing her purple flower off) This is how awesome it looks to have changed the course of 4 little lives!! Priceless!

These are the faces of 4 lucky little girls!

2 nice people had this to say:

William Michael said...

Nice long post! Thats ok, i dont want hints, i want to be totally shocked when i have a new civic in the yard on christmas. Sorry to cut short but i got up early to go test drive a few!

LOVE you mom, Mike.

Shelley said...

Oh Rita, the girls are all so beautiful!