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Thursday, March 20, 2008

update on contest for laptop

MANY many people have emailed me about the laptop contest....Hmmm what do i say? You all tell me you watched the poll votes and we would have won,you tell me you added up all the comment votes and we would have won....and then the big BUT "the blogger putting on the contest states she got 4 emails at contest end" and that ended up giving #5 one more vote then DID we win or not??? Well I dont know....I have checked her blog as well and she still hasnt posted a winner who knows! All I can say is that if we win that will be great...if another family wins and actually gets it in the mail well that is AWESOME too! I think it is a very nice thing for the blogger person Sarabeth to do this contest and whomever wins.....I think any of the 5 families are well deserving!!!!

So until further notice......stay tuned.

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