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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bella's Day Update!

NEW POST ABOUT BELLA'S ADOPTION DAY: Ok, Well lets just say Bella was a total answered prayer!(Well all of our adoptions were, but Bella....she was the baby I thought I would never have)

When we brought Giovanna home, I couldnt have been happier. We were so nervous, excited, overwhelmed, and FULL of joy that our 11 month wait was then over. Her Down Syndrome, heart condition and other smaller dignosis really didnt bother us at all. God totally created her for "our" family.... Well when she got home and we did all the Dr's appointments, surgeries and started therapy...I knew I had found the "pot of Gold" I had been waiting for. I had already known God created me to be a full time Momma, but now that the twins were almost 15 yrs old, what was I gonna do with all that time? Giovanna filled it totally. She taught me so much about life, love and true happiness.. I knew that the Lord would fullfill every desire I had, well you see He had already done that by my great pregnancy, my cancer and hysterectomy and now Giovanna. Well, if I had not of found out about the uterine cancer and had to have a hysterectomy, we would NEVER have been led to adopt our precious Giovanna. Well move forward about 5 yrs and here is our Giovanna. Well since she had been home for about 6 mths I knew I knew I knew that we needed another daughter exactly like her... I prayed and prayed and I just knew sometime soon, we would adopt again. I just had no clue it would be in just a few short months. Giovanna come home in March, we found out about Bella's birth mid January, called and started the paperwork, found out at the end of February we were in the top 3 of over 230 families that applied for her and then found out the 2nd Tues of March that the birthfamily had chose US! I know everyone heard us yelling from Millbrook Al because I couldnt stop screaming!!!! 2 weeks later William and I jumped on a plane and headed to NYC to meet our new daughter. At that point I was so filled with joy and I totally knew this is EXACTLY where I was meant to be....Mommy to 4 precious gifts.

When we landed in NYC, what a trip that was, we went to the agency on March 31 and waited for the arrival from the "stork"...When the foster mom walked in the room, I just started crying! How could we be the "chosen" family for such a precious gift? She was just perfect! She was fast asleep in the arms of her foster mom, and she walked over and said "do you want to hold her"....UMM YES! I fell in love immediately! She was so beautiful...long black hair, perfect skin, perfect feet and hands...and best of all, she woke up and looked up at me and smiled ...Oh it was so sweet! William and I were at the agency for about 2 hours, and then jumped in the car with the driver and headed to the airport! We had a early afternoon flight home. We got home after Giovanna had gone to bed, so in the morning when we heard her awake I went in her room and brought her to our bed...Bella was in the bassinet next to our bed...Giovanna was so happy to see us, and then it happened....Bella started making a sound and Giovanna sat right up and said "doggy?" No Giovanna that is your new sister.....she was thrilled beyond measure to see that baby and from then on out it has been so great to see them grow up together...they love each other..and Bella wants to see her sissy every morning when she wakes up.

God truely does answer prayers people. Believe me, I NEVER thought I would get the blessing of another newborn. I never thought I would hold another baby and it be "mine" but I did. I remember praying so hard during our wait for Giovanna, and the Lord one night as plain as day, was sitting next to me on the couch. HE told me in such a loud voice "sit back my child...I will give you all the desires of your patient and wait on ME" I will never forget that night! And He has done just that...filled the desires of my heart......

So the rest of the story will be coming on May 28th for Gabby and Lily's one year Forever Family Day!!!

I promise tomorrow I will update on this post about my princess Bella and our awesome adoption day of her. We are so blessed to have this angel in our family. I just sit in AWE at God's awesomeness (is that a word?) when I look at her...

Having another newborn was such a strong desire of mine, something I thought I would never have again after the twins were born. Having cancer and having my hysterectomy at 29, all hopes of having another baby was gone for me..... great heavenly Father had other plans. He sent just the "perfect infant" to William and I. She was 3 mths 1 week old when placed in our arms...FOREVER!

The happy Momma

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The Jillybean said...

I just happened across your blog...and promptly fell in love. What a beautiful family!

Michelle said...

Rita - I understand how you felt about having another newborn :o) She is precious, and you and your family are just beautiful! I can't wait to read more on Bella's Gotcha Day :o)


AZmomto7 said...

I loved reading this Rita, and it brought tears to my eyes! How wondeful that you got to have an infant after your cancer! As a survivor myself and sterile from treatment,I know that special feeling you have when they place your new child in your arms. Glorious, and you know God meant that baby for you!