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Thursday, April 24, 2008

wow...where do i start???


Well our vacation turned out to be very eventful..or shall i say lack of? We left on Saturday April 12 for my friends house. I woke up not feeling 100% but went the tiem we got to Susan's I felt terrible!!! Lukily she had a Zpack antibiotic and i started taking it right away...I basically slept all weekend...I was so mad! This was the first time we went to her new home since she moved and we had lots of plans.....and all I could do was SLEEP! So it looks like we will have to plan another trip! We then headed over to Gatlinburg for the week. WE had a good time....but then Bella and Giovanna started coughing really bad. WE had to go get Med's for them and really limit our acitivity that we had we didnt end up in the hospital!

WE then headed down to see William's dad and step mom....They had not met any of the girls so this was fun! Their house is so quiet and boy did my girls have a time...Overall the 1100 mile trip with 4 little girls turned out very nice. WE had a nice time of just getting out and away from the same ol same ol around the house. Lyndsey held the fort down here for the first time ever, and she was nervous to sleep in the house all she stayed with friends at night. She did a great job! Way to go Lyndsey!!

William had a birthday on the 14th and it really wasnt all that fun for him, with a sick wife and a trip ahead of him, im sure it could have been better! We will celebrate this weekend when Michael comes home.

I will post pictures tonight after they are off the camera.

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