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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FOREVER FAMILY DAY for Gabby and Lily

On the right side of my blog at the bottom, you need to turn the music off before you watch the video.
This video is about 8-9 minutes long. It shares with you our first moments together in Colombia and the home life with us as a family of 8. I feel so honored to share with you .....our FAMILY

6 nice people had this to say:

June Berger said...

Brought tears to my eyes. God's goodness is priceless. He gives us so much more than we deserve, doesn't He? I feel the same way about my six children! Blessed to be their Mommy and honored to be the wife of my awesome hubby! God IS Good, all the time! Amen, thanks so much for sharing!

William Michael said...

Ok so ill admit, I teared up.

Great video, tell all the girls i Love them!

Chris, Megan, and the girls! said...

Rita your family is beautiful!

Sarah said...

What an amazing family you have! Congratulations once again!!

ugagirl30 said...

I am sitting here crying my eyes out! Thanks, Rita! I love the look on Gabby's face in all of those pictures. Even with a language barrier, her happiness and love is so evident. I am so happy to know all of you! Give the girls big hugs from Mrs. Heather!~Heather Bowen

Erika Andrea Ciro said...

That was a beatiful video!!! I felt so happy when I see it.
A big hug for your family.
Erika from Colombia