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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday..oh what a day of family fun!

Well once again it was Saturday and Mommy got her time out early this morning at 6am to go to some yard sales. There werent many out today, but I did find some goodies. Got the girls a few new books, some toys to take to the beach next weekend, a new Toddler songs musical CD, and several other little budget was $15 and I stayed well under it! I just love the whole "hunt for a bargain" and it is a nice peaceful time for just myself! Shelley, guess what I of those highly sought after dogs your boys love so much......and I just had to get it. My girls ALL took right to it, and yes the fighting began....what is it with this dog?? So now, I need to see if i can find at least one more.....
I had been on a search for a sandbox that all 4 of the girls could all sit in and I posted a wanted item on freecycle....well a lady responded and said she had one in her yardsale for today, but if i wanted to get it before the yardsale it was $10...she sent me a pic and it was exactly what i had been hunting....look for pics tomorrow. Yes, i know against freecycle rules, but Im glad she did, I was willing to pay it and the girls are thrilled. William and I and all the girls loaded up at 11 and went to town. We picked up the sandbox, went to lunch, Lowes for some play sand, Toys R Us to look at new wooden swing sets (by the way we so need now with all 4 girls playing and with friends coming over during the summer) and then home. Oh and we had to find a plug for their blue pool.........mission complete. Got everything we went after and everyone was so good! We got home ate a quick dinner and the girls got in the pool.....super cold water, but they didnt care!
At the yardsale we got the sandbox from, she had a nice solid wood piece of furniture left over. Her husband sold it to me for less than half of what they were asking...and it totally fits what we need it for. I have several of the girls "therapy" toys in my dining room in a old 3 drawer dresser...we just needed more room, wanted it to look nice but couldnt spend alot of money...i was thrilled. We brought it home as well, and I have already put the first coat of dark stain on it. When we bought it, it had the light stain and my dining room in dark mahogany. So coat number 1 is complete. I will add a picture when i am complete with the project.
Tomorrow William and I have nursery duty, so i wont get to be in Church...I dont mind nursery but I so hate to miss a sermon. Our pastor has resigned after "starting our church" only 7 yrs ago. It has grown to a nice size, nothing too large, but nothing real small either. I am so sad to see them go. Next weekend is his last Sunday with us. I wonder what the Lord has up His sleeve for our church?? Interesting to wait it out and see.....
Have a blessed night...

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Stephanie said...

Hi Rita,

My sister-in-law found a kitchen set for Asher at a yard sale on Friday for only 5$. I've been so excited about it. He wants to do what I'm doing so badly, but I don't want him emptying out the real kitchen ... he's already spent hours playing with it, and we've only had it for two days. It's not too girly, either - it's blue and gray, and cleaned up really well. It has food but no pots and pans, but after finding it for so cheap (new ones are over 100$!), I really don't mind buying a little set of pots and pans.

He has a sandbox at his grandma's house (where he spends two days a week) that she found at a yard sale, too. He loves it. We don't have a sandbox at our house, but we have two parks in our neighborhood, and we are at one of them almost every day. If Asher spends an entire day inside, he starts climbing the walls (literally, if he can). I don't know if it's his age or that he's a boy, but either way, I love to be outside so I don't mind it.

Glad you found some good stuff for your family!

Shelley said...

I don't know what it is about that dog! I have THREE of them(thanks to Lisa and Bethany!) and they are played with ALL THE TIME! One good thing I will say about it though, it's not nearly as annoying as a lot of the other toys that we have!

Alyssa said...

Hi-thanks for finding my blog! Your kids are adorable! Just had to say that puppy was Macy's FAVORITE toy for awhile. I always buy it as new baby gifts now! lol.