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Friday, May 30, 2008

Singing Time....what a AWESOME product!

IF you want to see what this awesome product is go to and click on the store. They have so many NEW ones out now.....The DVD's sell for 21.99 on the site and i sell them for 19.99 plus shipping.

This is the most awesome product we have found to help teach us ALL sign language. This is for EVERYONE, NOT just someone with a disABILITY! check it out. I will order NO LATER than email me Right away for your total. I take NON CREDIT OR DEBIT paypal, money order, check and cash.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,
I have not checked your blog in awhile. I really like the new look. You will have to check out my new blog:

I am having such fun setting it up. It is all very addicting! ha! Take care. We will miss the girls at day school next year.
~Lynne Griffies

Anonymous said...

Hi again---yes, I did the header and background. This is the link for the signature: know.
this is the link for the wallpaper:
this is the link for the header:
The scrapblog site is sooooooooo much fun. Enjoy! ~Lynne

Mi Musings said...

Im so thrilled to see you have discovered Signing Times. We have been a fan for several years.

I wish they would come to Walmart and go down in price... maybe one day.

We love em.

I hope the move goes smoothly.