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Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun Contest!

New in Shrink wrap Singing Time Music Cd: Come sing with US! Vol 1-3 songs This CD has over 20 songs on it that you and your children will just love!

Since my girls LOVE LOVE LOVE Singing Time DVD's and music....I thought this would be a perfect give away. Here are the contest rules..

1. For ONE chance to win: Post a comment about your child's love for signing time or if you dont have any yet, your desire to teach your child sign language. Make sure you leave your blog addy.

2. For another chance to WIN: Post this on your blog along with a link back to my blog...this will give you a second entry into this contest. You must do #1 first.
I will let my girls draw the winner on June you have ONE WEEK to get those comments in and spread the word.
I am also a authorized Singing Time if you want to place a order for any of the DVD's, books, blashcards, music CD or anything else just let me know. I give discounts and the web doesnt so please place your order with me.
I will ship this to the winner as soon as I have their address.

9 nice people had this to say:

Shelley said...

Oh fun!
All of my kids LOVE Signing Time. My girls watch the DVDs all the time and they are the best little teachers for Xander and Grifyn. Grifyn is now using several signs to communicate and Xander just loves the fact that signs help him get more good food to
Our house is full of Signing Time fans!
I'm going to link this post on my blog now!

Julie said...

My boys LOVE Signing time! We watch it every saturday morning!!! They love it when I use my knowledge of signlanguage to talk to them, and they enjoy learning it too!

Julie RR

Shea said...

One of my oldest daughter's friends was deaf. He taught her to sign some when he was about 4 years old. It was adorable. The first sign she learned was "friends". I've been thinking about these videos for my youngest. I think she would love to learn to sign!

June Berger said...


I would love to start Jonathan on this and Anah when we get her home. Can you send me a price for the Baby Signing Times both DVD's with the CD? Thanks, and enter me in for this one. I'll also add your link to my blog for another chance!

Stacey said...

We found Signing Time! a few years back. My 3rd child has a brain disorder that has effected her speech so we sign for communication. We love ST! My little kids think Rachel, Alex, and Leah belong to us. :)
Stacey Hay

Nadia said...

we have twins adopted from haiti 9 months ago..they are 4.5 but at a 1.5yo-2yr level. even in school they aren't learning well so we would really like to try signing with them..this would be great to get us started!I have no blog though..I hope that doesn't matter!

Mommy & Peepers said...

One shoe, two shoes, three shoes, look at these shoes. My shoes your shoes more shoes look at these shoes. HELP!!! We have only one Signing Time mucic CD for the van and thats all we sing. Piper wants to listen all the time and I'm going NUTS!!!!

traceylynndel said...

WE love signing time too! We bought our first DVD when we brought Katya home from Kazakhstan. She was 2 1/2 and has Down Syndrome. She and our 1 year old loved them. they both learned every sign so we had to buy more. They can't get enough. Our teenage daughter had a better ASL Vocabulary than all of her college classmates due to the signing time videos.

Stacy Kotila said...

Shelby has DiGeorge Syndrome and didn't begin talking until a little after 3 years old. We began using Signing Time a little after her 2nd birthday and she is still learning from the series. All our kids friends love to come watch the series and learn to sign with Shelby ( as we are still working on speech ). Signing Time has been a wonderful speech tool in our house!