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Friday, June 13, 2008

new house....

Well several people keep emailing me asking about the house offer....well it is still NOT finalized. I think the latest news is...we should have some kind of plan by Monday.

I went to Walmart today and bought signs for the our house is offically FOR SALE! Depending on what we hear the first of the week, we may list it with a real estate co that you pay to basically just get it in the MLS. We did this with our last house and it worked out just it will save us thousands of dollars doing it this we will see!

William picked up his father's Day gift today....a new pressure washer. So looks like our house will get a good ol cleaning on the outside and the driveway as well. Over the winter things start to look alittle yucky out this will give it a new facelift.

Anyone looking for a good very reasonable house to buy?? 4 br 2.5 ba and 2300sq ft...good price!!!WE ARE selling very cheap, to basically get out of this one and into the new the start price is only $147,000.

Have a great night! WE were gonna do a yard sale in the morning, but it may rain, so i think if its pretty, im just gonna get up and JUST take out the big toys and furniture and try and get rid ot them...

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