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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New update on Emma


Emma's sitting on my lap and although a bit pale she's doing well. She likes taking the pulse ox off and playing with the light. She's obviously well-drugged but otherwise is doing great. She was SITTING UP on the gurney coming down the hall :) We skipped ICU and are waiting for a room on the floor of the surgical unit for tonight. Not drinking much yet.

Dr. O said the tonsils were wall to wall and that he expects her sleep apnea to be MUCH improved. Also, lots of gunk in the ears so he's sure her hearing should improve now. Also, the sinus swab will be back in about a week and we'll find out whether there's an antibiotic resistive bacteria in there and if so we'll know what to put her on to clear it up.That's all for now, just snuggling my girl! Keep praying that she recovers well!!

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Meredith said...

I was just catching up on blogs and I am humbled that you would share not only our prayer request for our sweet girl, but also the updates as well. I am blessed to call you a friend! Emma is recovering well and we are excited to see her come through this without issues. Thank you! We serve a MIGHTY GOD!