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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sorry ive been MIA~

My sister in law Karen came up on Wednesday to visit so ive been having fun with them...William had a 3 day drill so he left on Friday... Lyndsey and Michael come home in the WEE hours of the morning Thursday and then left again aroun 10 am heading to Atlanta. They went to the Jimmy Buffet concert Thursday night and the Braves game on Friday....they are home now. They will hang out with us and leave Sunday afternoon heading back to FL for work on Monday. I will try to take a picture of all 6 kids again and post it. Lyndsey and Michael are getting so dark from being at the beach or pool everyday. UGG....Im just too totally white!

Still no news on the house.....we meet with the other Realtor tomorrow afternoon to discuss a few no news yet. IT is driving me crazy though..I want to know...are you moving or are we not! Im ready!

Today, Karen and I got up and went to a few yard sales........OH IT WAS SO HOT!!!!! My favortie find of the day.....get this.....we went by this one house and out by the road was a large wooden set from Toys R us....its been outside for a while, but it still had the rock wall, the large yellow slide, the teether swing, hanging bar and a swing....guess what it was FREE! He said his grandkids were too big and they wanted it out of the yard! I had to stay and guard it, because while we were in the road about 4 cars stopped and wanted it!!!! PRAISE THE LORD. WE will have to add on to it, because he said a guy had stopped and took the ladder and 2x6x12 pieces of wood that the ladder, and swings go on for their tree stand......oh boy....but hey for FREE....Im happy. Giovanna just noticed it sitting in the back yard and all she can say is "WOW, cool" so i guess Daddy is gonna have to get it fixed and fast!

I will update with pics soon again...hope you all have a great weekend!!


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