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Friday, June 20, 2008


Per her mom:

She got 1/2 dose of Morphine because the Ty w/ Codine wasn't working enough. Now when she has made it to sleep twice her hr has dropped from the usual 95-125 down into the 50's. I've woken her up each time, but she NEEDS to sleep. That is dangerously low for her and her SATS were dropping with it. Please say a prayer that the morphine's effects on her heart will be short and she will be able to rest comfortably tonight! Her HR is in the 70/90's right now and SATS are in the 90's so she's ok right now. She's awake tho...

Lord God, We love you and we know you love sweet Emma. Please touch her precious body and make it whole. You have such mighty plans for her, we have seen such a remarkable change in her in just the few short months she has been home...she has touched many lives and totally enriched the lives of her family, please give her the strength she needs to overcome this illness right now. We trust this in Your name and Your name only...AMen.

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