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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday's Speech

We have had our 1 :00 appointment for speech for over 2 yrs now....well its changing! WE are going to have all 3 girls gettting a hour each we must change......oh i am not totally a routine changer...but this must be done! I hope that with the new school year, brings many new, but great things for my girls. they are all excited about school, and I PRAY that it all works out for them to stay in school,......I know they will love the surroundings, but not sure if we will like what they pick up! Both Giovanna and Gabby will copy anything people do, and if they are stressing about something, GABBY will mimic we will see!

School starts in a few weeks!

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Mrs. Landry said...

Mrs. Andrews,
You are right kids do pick things up very easily. It takes the teacher and paraprofessionals to make sure that there are not things going on in the classroom that you wouldn't want others to pick up, and I can promise you that in my classroom, my paraprofessionals and myself do our very best to make sure that we keep all behaviors or anything else under strict control so that that will not happpen with any of my children. I can promise you that she will be in wonderful hands while in my classat school. I am looking forward to this year and hope you are as well and hope that you are not stressing to much about school. If you need to talk or have any questions before school starts please go to the websit and e-mail me anytime and I will surely answer whatever I can for you. I know it is terrifying, but trust me I we your have childs best intrest in mind as I do my other students. I do not do what I do just for the pay or the summers off as some people say. I do it because I absolutely love what I do. Please e-mail if you need anything.
Mrs. Landry