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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ok, sorry its been so long!!! We have been busy!

Lyndsey and Michael come home last weekend for a few days. William's sister, Karen, also was we had a full house. It was fun! the kids left on Sunday and Monday and Karen was here until Thursday. It was a nice visit. Her and I had a few days where we were able to get out and do some fun things without all the girls....its nice having a babysitter handy.....too bad she's heading back to college next week!~!!

On Wednesday I cut Giovanna and Gabby's hair. Both of them lost almost 6 inches EACH! Their hair is now up to their chin/shoulder...It is too cute on them both! I figured with school starting they both needed a new do! I had been dying to get my hair cut as well, and well lets just say....I GOT IT CUT! It is now sitting on my shoulders with tons of layers in it. I like it. I wore it like this about 8 yrs ago....light, fresh looking and no troble with all the girls. I will have to upload pictures later when William gets on the laptop and the other computer isnt hooked up.

Giovanna and Gabby have their orientation for school on Tuesday night....they are excited to start school. Well Giovanna is...I dont know what Gabby thinks....she tells me yes so we will see! Lily and Bella have their open house next Saturday. They as well are very excited to start back. We went and bought new backpacks and lunch boxes for the 3 older ones and they are getting their names embroidered on them right now...we pick them up on Tuesday. They are gonna be so cute! Im hunting for Bella a new one...she needs a smaller one...we got one from Gap last year...we may jsut use that one again.

Well......I hope everyone is doing well....I will update with pictures later tonight.

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