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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tornado's in the area.


All weekend we have had yucky weather, 3.5 in of rain on Satuday and Sunday if rained off and on...not sure how much! So I figured all was well and ok for school......NOT! AFTER, we got up and got G & G ready and on the bus, I turned on the I wish I had done that BEFORE they left! There was terrible weather all around! I just thought our Monday was just starting out really GLUMMY! As soon as the bus drove away, i find out their are tornado warnings and watches all around! UGGG Can you say Im worried to pieces!!!! I wanted to go get them, but William says to leave them there....I hope the siren doesnt go off while G & G are at school because Giovanna will go NUTS!!!!

Well I stayed up late last night getting the girls things ready for school. Lily was invited to a birthday party for Saturday, BUT IT RAINED ALL DAY and the party was needless to say, we didnt go. I finished making one of the birthday gifts... and she was so excited to take it to school today along with all the other cute things we got her.....and school was cancelled. So, both Lily and Bella are home for the day.....
OH I forgot, LILY is student of the week this week, and she is so bummed she will miss the very first day of her activities.....
HAve a good day! I will post later on the cute project William and I had to do for the girls for schooll.....too cute!!! Keep a watch out!

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