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Saturday, August 2, 2008


The large house in Prattville I told you all about a few weeks ago....well we are gonna put in a offer! ITs 3600 sq ft and has a pool. We dont like the yard, but what better time to redo it than the winter. So if we do get to buy it....we will be BUSY this winter,building a retainer wall,, having soil brought in and doing some minor other things...but the yard will be the biggest thing!

I dont want to move to another town, because our girls will already be in school, and its just 6 miles down the road but in another county. someone told me that you can wright a letter to request your kids stay in the same school as long as you provide transportation, so we will see. We have looked and looked and there just isnt anything else out there that is gonna meet our we will do our offer, based on selling our home and the home inspection....he is doing tons of repairs and upgrades that will be very nice. I so love knowing that we will have room for our family to spread out when we want to or grow even more if we want to....Lyndsey and Michael will still have a room for them when they are home visiting and that was the biggie for me...William said at what point do you say, you have had to make other arrangements to their room.....I told him that until they are both settled down somewhere, I want them to know they always have a room at home...

We pray that the one major thing we are worried about with this house, turns out to be something not all that major...... that will be the only way we say absolutely no to the house.

So all you prayer warriors.....PRAY FOR US TO HAVE A BUYER!!!!!!! WE WANT TO DO THIS SOON. I so hate that we missed out on the other house a few months ago, but if we miss out on this one...I am done looking until i have the paper on my dining room table that says here is your offer to buy your home!!! No more MLS looking for us!!!!! William and I are both getting frustrated with the whole thing! So if we dont get a buyer soon, we will not loook anymore! I know if this house gets put on the MLS with a Realtor it will go quick for the price he is selling it to us for!

3 nice people had this to say:

Anonymous said...

May we both get that perfect offer so we can move on!!


Graham Shenanigans said...

My prayers are with you! Enjoyed the dinner last night. It was great!!

WheresMyAngels said...

Prayers that you get it and that you sell yours!