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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Come on people.......

Im not a person to quote politics or get into any kind of debate, but my husband was telling me about this email circulating out there and then i was checking out all my blogs tonight and Ashley had also posted about it so i just copied it off there and here ya go!!!!

Come on people, seriously, who would want someone running our country, our One Nation under God, our home of the FREE that has only been in any type of office for only 143 days....NOT ME!!!

Are we all aboard the USS Ship of Fools? Makes me wonder! The first time Iread this quote, I thought it was dangerously true. Then I really started pondering it and thought how would this apply to our ownl ives/careers? Let's look at it again to see how absurd it is.

You couldn't get a job at McDonalds and become district manager after 143days of experience.

You couldn't become chief of surgery after 143 days of experience ofbeing a surgeon.You couldn't get a job as a teacher and be the superintendent after 143days of experience.

You couldn't join the military and become a colonel after a 143 days ofexperience.

You couldn't get a job as a reporter and become the nightly news anchor after 143 days of experience.

BUT....'From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That's how many days the Senate was actually in session and working. After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World, and fill the shoes of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan. 143 days?

We all have to start somewhere. The senate is a good start, but after 143days, that's all it is - a start. AND, strangely, a large sector of the American public seems to feel comfortable with this and campaigning for him.We wouldn't accept this in our own line of work, yet some are OK with this for the President of the United States of America ? Come on folks, we are not voting for the next American Idol. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!

2 nice people had this to say:

Christy & Kevin said...

I agree with you 100%, funny how so many think he can run our ENTIRE country, but yet, they wouldn't promote him in their jobs!

Anonymous said...

How can anyone vote for Obama when he can not even be sworn in by our bible the word of God and cannot even salute or touch our flag this is a joke I feel that I am going to wake up in a minute and just realize this is just a bad dream. How can anyone feel good about voting him in as our President or someone that is fit to run our country, when he has been going to church under a Pastor that thinks we are the enemy and say what he did about America this is crazy. I agree with you also 100%