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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This morning I sent both Gabby and Giovanna to school...and guess what i forgot to do....take Bella to all her School therapies.....I dont know if they would have wanted me or not..having strep...she called at 8 am and wanted to know where we were....I felt terrible for forgetting!!!!!

Anyway, I am slowly feeling back to normal, yesterday i cleaned out and organized my hall closet for 2 hours...YES it took that long to go through all the junk that had accumilated...opened shampoo, hair gel, candles etc....towels, you name it it was there...i have 3 boxes of stuff i posted on freecycle that should be picked up today....YEAH!!!!

This morning i have already steam cleaned my living room carpets, and now im heading upstairs to lyndsey's room.... WE are moving all the 4 little ones beds up there and making that totally a sleeping and dressing room for them... we will move the twin with trundle downstairs to their old room and make it totally a wish me luck!!!

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